Made It! #39

For the Fall Menu that I made for some friends, I made Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert. I love all cakes, but this one especially! So much yum! 

I followed the recipe as described, but instead of marshmellows and more speculaas to top the cake off, I used shaved roasted almonds.  


Now that I think about that absolutely delicious pumpkins cheesecake, I crave more sweetness! And since I have a lot of hazelnuts left over from another dish, I want to make Hazelnut Cookies with them!



  1. Oooh. This pumpkin cheesecake looks really good! Found it at the #HomeMattersParty! I have to pin it ... would love to make it sometime!

  2. They look super yummy and would make a great accompaniment to your afternoon coffee.


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