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Metal Wire Valentine's Cards

In my nearby craft store they sell metal wire in all colors that I use to make lettering and with Valentine's Day coming up there's a good reason to make new wire lettering cards.
After forming the words with a small bender, I fasten the wire with needle and thread to the cardboard cards. That's all it takes.

My little Hearts Garland is featured by Creating My Way to Success, Oui Crochet and Creative Jewish Mom!!

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C2C Heart

Only this week I heard the phrase 'C2C crochet', meaning corner to corner crochet, at the blog from Lola is Hooked. Guess I'm the last crocheter on earth who's using this technique, but after seeing it, I wanted to try it right away and with Valentine's Day around the corner I went for a simple heart pattern, that's actually a cross stitch pattern.
That's what I like the most about this stitch, that I can use cross stitch patterns for it! I'm thinking about this one (but only as all ongoing projects I'm busy with are finally finished and that can take years):

This last week I lost a lot of followers, so I'm asking myself what is wrong. Has someone hacked my blogged to send unkind messages to my readers or something? Ten in one day is a lot of lost followers, I think. I've lost followers before, of course, but one at a time, not this much in just one day. Are you experiencing the same?  Or is it my blog …

Hearts Garland

This little gray hearts I saw last year and I wanted to make them ever since, but somehow other Valentine's projects had more priority and when I finally got the time to make them, Valentine's Day had passed and I had to wait another year. But this year I made them!
I found the idea here!


My Pot Holders were featured by Scrapality this week!!

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My Flamingo Brooch was featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

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I Love Pink!

And after all the other Flamingo stuff, the treats also had to do something with the pink birds. I wanted to make flamingo lollies, but nowhere pink ones were
to be found, so in the end I decided on this treat bags. I made this a couple of years ago, too, for my oldest daughter, but with stickers of Cookie Monster on the outside of the bag and different sorts of cookies in it. This time I used all kinds of pink sweets and flamingo stickers on the outside.

Flamingo Skirt

It's tradition, after several years I can say, that I make a dress or skirt every year for the birthday of my daughters. Even here I had to keep to the flamingo theme, so I bought thin pink fabric, dipped it in black fabric paint and sewed a double layered skirt from it. Even for a try out, I'm not discontented with the result.

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Felt Flamingo Brooch

My youngest daughter will become six in a couple of days! Six!! And after 365 nights of asking how many nights she has to sleep before she has her birthday, she wants everybody to know she's 6, now that the day finally has come! So I made her a felt brooch (with a flamingo, yes, thank you) that says 6.

My Crochet Pinwheel was featured by Crafts a la Mode and by Sew Can Do!!

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Birthday Bunting

This weekend my eye fell on this crochet bunting. It is inspired on a baby blanket seen in the BBC series 'Call the Midwife'. The midwives do a lot of crochet in the series, but that's not why it's one of my favorite shows. I just love the clothes they wear! My favorite midwife is Trixie. Yours?
Anyway, this bunting came just in time for my daughter's birthday! In flamingo colors, as you've might expect.
You can find the pattern here.

New Potholders

Still working on the VLP (Very Large Project), but I did three quarters now, so the end is near! In the meantime I do some small projects inbetween, so I can keep posting new stuff two times a week on this blog.
I needed some potholders and after looking around on Instagram I found these @byhaafner.


My Birthday Crown was featured by Oombawka Design, by Scrapality, by Creative Crochet Workshop, by Be A Crafter and by Creative Jewish Mom!!

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In the category Birthday Decoration I made this pinwheel (in flamingo colors obviously, since that's the 'theme' my daughter chose). And with glitter wallpaper adhevise of course, to make it look more festive.

I found the pattern here.


The Little Mascot that I made a couple of weeks ago is featured by Diana Rambles!

Thanks, Diana!

My Fire Work Star was featured by Scrapality!

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Birthday Crown

Something else I made for my daughter's birthday: the yearly crown!

To make the crown stand upright, I used wallpaper paste, that I mixed with glitter dust to make it sparkle, and let it dry overnight. The glitter glue was just an experiment, but it worked out great!

I found this crown pattern here on Pinterest.

Party Invitations

Now that the holidays are over, we are heading over to the next party.In January my youngest daughter celebrates her sixth birthday. Right after all the crafting I did for the holidays, usually I'm not really in the mood for a lot of DIY for her birthday, but this year I didn't make much stuff for the holidays, intentionally, so my youngest finally gets the same amount of effort for her birthday as my oldest. 
From Sinterklaas she got a yodeling flamingo ('cause, you know, that's what flamingoes do when they're happy) and she is so in love with that thing, that it didn't take long for her to think about a 'theme' for her birthday. Flamingo (aka pink) it has to be. Makes it easy for me to get inspiration.

Today I started with the party invitations; what's a party without people after all...

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