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Wanted #29

Will match my  vintage topperfectly! 

Chain of Letters

A new baby girl is born in my circle of friends and as said before I don’t feel like making a Play Mat once again, so I made this chain of letters: 

It’s made of felt, polymer clay and a little bell.

This week my Birthday Crown is featured by The Trendy Treehouse and on Facebook by I Gotta Create!  Thanks, Tara and Christina!

40's Crochet Pattern

A couple of weeks ago I started to crochet a top of a 40’s pattern. It was quite a lot of work (mostly because I like short projects, that are finished in two or three days instead of weeks), but it’s finished!!!

Front (with Black Cat Brooch)


Wanted #28

WANTED Great trousers!


Yesterday I found an adorable poodle pattern by Cassie Stephens to stitch on clothes or on whatever you like. You can find it here, at Feeling Stitchy. I find the look of styled poodles hilarious, don’t you? Dogs from outer space!

I embroidered this poodle on a circle of felt and applied it to a simple black long sleeve for my daugther.

This week my Crochet Bag is featured by Snips and Spice, My Merry Messy Life and Creative Itch. Thanks, Malory, Sara and Macy! I Got to Create featured the bag on Facebook. Thanks, Christina!

Birthday Crown

And here are two other projects I can check off from the long list of things to make for the birthday party:

The Birthday Crown my daughter wants, because her little sister got a crown too for her birthday.

A Birthday Shirt. The shirt is from the shop, the stars and 5 I cut out of iron-on glitters and ironed on the shirt.


This week my Lunch Bag is featured by Crafty Confessions! Thanks, Macy!

Wanted #27

WANTED ‘Cause it’s green!


Today the invitations for the soon-to-celebrate birthday went their way, so after the crochet vanes

and the bunting

I closed another project involving the party:

But there’s still a long list of other things to make: a piñata, a birthday crown like the one I made for my other daughter, the little presents that go along with the treats at school, a quoits game (although I maybe skip this one J ), cakes, cupcakes and other sweets. Lots of things to do indeed!

Crochet Bag

After making this little lunch bag for me, my oldest daughter wanted a bag of her own of course. I had some pink polkadot left over after making the lunch bag and with some yarn, a crochet hook and a sewing machine I created this little bag for her:

Bag closed with drawstring

Bag open

For who wants a pattern of the triangle grannies: I used the same pattern that I used for this bunting (with tutorial)!

Wanted 26#

WANTED Lovely Pull Over!

Cherries and Strawberries

I made myself a dress again. The ones who read my blog on a regular basis know by now I’m a gingham lover. The pink gingham I used for this dress is even better, because it has cherries and strawberries on it! Love this fabric!

And my Caged Butterflies are featured by In the Old Road. Thank you, Shasta!

Black Cat Brooch

For two weeks now I’m working on a crochet top of an old vintage pattern and I’m still not much further than the front. Takes a lot more time than I thought! But I love the result, so I think I’m gonna finish this one, no matter how long it takes. To break the mint color of the top a little bit, I hope to win a beautiful black dragonfly brooch in a giveaway by ChronicallyVintage, but in case I don’t win anything (bigger chance J) I made a brooch myself in advance:

Shaped after my grumpy but nonetheless endlessly beloved black cat Sjakie, who isn’t among the living anymore for a while now, but still isn’t forgotten. You can see the mint colored top in the background. A picture of the total top follows after it's finished. 

And…. my Fingerless Lace Gloves are featured again! 

This time by Blissful Bucketlist! Thanks, Sarah!

Wanted #25

WANTED Simple but beautiful black dress