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As Good As New Spanish Lanterns

At the moment we are renovating our living room and plans are to do the whole upstairs next year.

While renovating the living room, all of our books were living upstairs, in our bedroom to be precise. Now that book shelves are finished one by one (because as you should understand a simple book shelve isn't good enough, it has to be done with a grinder, says my husband, so it takes quite some time), I can finally move the books out of our bedroom to the shelves. And because renovating the bedroom isn't happening anytime soon, I've started a mini make over. I painted the Spanish lanterns, to begin with. 
Here's the before...
...and after.
Yep, you see that right: I found another item to use the copper paint on!


My Gingerbread Cookies were featured by The Cottage Market this week!
 Thanks, Andrea!

Wanted #49

Don't you just love this shoes?!!

Folded Bunny Head

After making an origami sort of Tea Light Holder, I'm a bit into folding. And my daughter is a lot into rabbits and hares (which are all pretty much the same in her four year old eyes), so when I found this pattern I made one  for her.
You can buy this pattern (and a very nice one of a fox, too) at Chloe Fleury's shop!

Star Garland

I was thinking about some decoration for X-mas and thought about crocheting stars for a garland, but since I have about a dozen crocheted garlands already, I wanted something else. While preparing for baking gingerbread cookies I found the star shaped cookie cutter (that is never used as a cookie cutter, but for cutting polymer clay for tags that I use for presents). There came the idea: polymer clay stars garland!
And one to embellish a vase. 

Wanted #48

Nice Classy Blouse


Today I have a day off from work and a day off is usually used to keep up with ongoing projects or start new projects. The best days off are the ones when multiple projects are finished. Like today.
* I baked Ginger Cookies again (because I loved the ones I baked recently and had a craving for them and I've bought a new kitchen scale that I had to use)
* made some X-mas stuff, like a folded paper star
* and X-mas cards from stamps and copper paint

* made an origami tea light holder (patience is the magic word here,in case you want to try this, too; you can find a tutorial here).
 * after all that I crocheted some grannies for a blanket I'm working on. I'm trying to do one granny a day, but skipped a couple of days and now I'm back on scheme. Pictures of the blanket will follow as soon as it's finished. Could be never though, because I hate large, timeconsuming projects, and usually don't get the finish line. Somebody gave me some…

Ginger Bread Cookies

Wow, it's november already! Can you believe it? I can't. Maybe it has something to do with the weather here in The Netherlands. Sun is still shining, temperatures are still around twenty degrees Celsius. Every now and then we have a little storm and some drops of rain, but that's it. I could have liked it and would have enjoyed it, if I didn't find it so alarming (in terms of the greenhouse effects). 
Despite the weather I'm doing some X-mas preps. My girls are playing a little game on their iPads where they have to decorate Gingerbread Dolls and I promised them I would bake them some real ginger cookies for X-mas to decorate. So now I'm trying out different recipes, because I never made gingerbread cookies before.  Unfortunately I forgot to buy the right butter and because the nearest supermarket brings out the worse in me (fresh products that are rotten; cat grit through the whole store so the wheels of shopping carts don't and won't turn; long, LONG…

Wanted #47

Cute Top!!

Cherry Blossom Trunk

Since we are renovating our house, I want to buy decorating stuff, just to make our living room look a little bit nice while we're sitting in between wood shelves, debris of broken down walls, plasterboard, tools and more. So there are candle holders everywhere, some even with candles in it, I bought an enormous dried hogweed, some succulents and a trunk. I painted the trunk mint green and embellished it with painted cherry blossom (thank you, Arizona Ice Tea, for the inspiration). Here's the result. I just looove cherry blossom!

Before (just in time I remembered to make a before picture)


And things look even better with some succulents!

Copper Paint

You know what color I really love? The warm color of red copper. Although I'm not one who follows all interior trends (I prefer things in my house that I like myself, not things other people say I have to like) I can't withstand the red copper trend that's going on in The Netherlands (or maybe in the whole world). 
After buying a tiny vase for a peacock feather I wanted more copper colored things. Just to my luck my local craft store sold copper colored paint, so now I'm scanning my house for things that can use a make over. 
So, I draw some stars on a little glass jar and painted the jar with copper paint. Love it!

Wanted #46

WANTED Cute Sweater!

More Pillows

Last month I made a Green Poncho for my Ibiza Style Series. I came short of about 20 meters of yarn, so I had to buy a whole ball of yarn and there was a lot of remaining yarn of course. So, a pillow once again.
I made another one in pink, too.

Little Candle Jars

We are renovating again. Or, my husband is, actually. After the kitchen, he's working on the living room now. Lots of mess, trash and junk all around the house, because before making things nice, he had to break down some walls. In the middle of all this, I try to make our house a fine place to live in, a place someone likes to go to after a hard day of work. So I buy flowers, make cushions, decorate with little stuff that's easy to move from cleaned out corner to another cleaned out corner of the living room and I spend a lot of money on candles.

This time I made little hanging jars for tea lights. I bought some little baby food jars, turquoise glass paint and very flexible iron wire. After crocheting a tiny coat for the little jars, I painted the jars and from the iron wire I made loops to attach to the jars, so they could hang down from a nail or something.
I know, it's not very humble to say, but I just love the little candle holders!