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Ibiza Style: Flower Shawl

The last day of september and the last of my Ibiza Style posts. My last post is a Flower Shawl, made of really thick pine green wool, so it only took me one day of crochet to finish it.

 To close the shawl around the shoulders I made something to put through the crochet holes to keep both sides together.

So, as said: my last Ibiza Style post. If you want to see the other Ibiza Style projects, take a look here:

Bikini Top
Barefoot Sandals
Denim Embellishment
1000 Beads Necklace
Triangles Pillow

Ibiza Style: Triangle Pillow

The end of the month is coming closer and then I will end my Ibiza Style Series, but I have so much more 'Ibiza' in progress and in my head that I'm thinking about an Ibiza post once a month. Or maybe I will save them up and do a whole month of Ibiza posts again in spring. I have to think about what I want. Inspiration and ideas pop up in my head all the time at the moment, sometimes I just can't sleep. 
Anyway, this time I made a Tapestry Pillow.


Sara from Creative Jewish Mom featured my Crochet Bolsteránd my Embellished Denim Jacket this week!!

The Bolsterwas also featured by Sew Can Do! Thank you, Sara and Cheryl!!

Wanted #40

WANTED Basic Black Dress!

Ibiza Style: 1000 Beads Necklace

I'm still in the Ibiza Style modus (I want to fill up this whole month with Ibiza Style items actually) and this time I threaded (a LOT of) little beads to make a necklace. It took quite some time, so honestly, I'm glad it's finished!
Creating My Way to Success has featured my Ibiza Style: Barefoot Sandals this week!

 Thank you, Jill!

Ibiza Style: Embellish Your Denim

My seven year old daughter has a denim jacket and a taste of her own, and she found her denim jacket was 'really dull, mom'. While searching for more Ibiza Style ( see here the Bikini Top, Bracelets, Beaded Barefoot Sandals and the Bolster), I found great denim jackets, embellished with studs and rhinestones. The way to spice up the 'really dull jacket' of my daughter!

For the drawings I was inspired by one of my favorite artists Alisa Burke.
 Sara from Creative Jewish Mom featured my Ibiza Style: Bracelets this week!

Thank you so much, Sara!

Wanted #39

WANTED Lovely, lovely shoes!

Ibiza Style: Crocheted Bolster

After making the before shown Ibiza Style Bikini, Bracelets and Barefoot Sandals, I'm totally into Ibiza Style. Not to wear it, because it's not a style I like for myself, but to make it. Because there's a lot of crochet involved in the style, the inspiration is endless and I'm working on four different items at the moment.  Every time I start a new Ibiza Style project, I see something else and I can't wait until the former project is finished.
I really like it to make something different, just to expose it on this blog. I'm planning to fill up this whole month of blog posts with Ibiza Style stuff. Just my luck we still have great, sunny weather here, in The Netherlands, what makes posts like this more appropriate. Who wants to see Ibiza stuff when it snows, after all. So if you absolutely hate everything to do with Ibiza, or if it snows in your part of the world, than you better can skip this month's posts.

I made a great Bo…

Ibiza Style: Barefoot Sandals

After making a Bikini Top for my Ibiza Style loving friend, with matching Ibiza Style Bracelets I had to make the ultimate Boho item: Barefoot Sandals. I used some beads to embellish the sandals. I had never crocheted with beads but after some thinking and some practicing I knew how to do it.
This week my Birthday Dress was featured by The Cottage Market!!

Thanks, Andrea!!

Wanted #38


Ibiza Style: Bracelets

After making the Bikini Top I got a bit of an appetite for making Ibiza Style things. Next had to be a bracelet.

Ibiza Style: Bikini Top

A friend of mine is totally into Ibiza Style clothing and asked me to make her a nice bikini top for her upcoming vacation. I know, I hadn't a clue what Ibiza Style was either. I'm not sure Ibiza itself knows what Ibiza Style is.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea for those of you who are not completely informed about the European topography. It belongs to the Balearics, four islands that include also my beloved island Menorca.

Apparently the island of Ibiza has its own style as it comes to clothes, accessories, lifestyle. I think you can also call it Boho Chic. Not exactly my own style, but I thought it would be nice to make something out of my comfort zone. I found a pattern for the plain top. The colors were picked by my friend. After finishing the top I embellished it a bit with beads and such, to make it more 'Ibiza'.

Wanted #37

WANTED Lovely Coat!

Simple Petticoat

For my daughter's seventh birthday I made a Birthday Dress again, as I showed you before. The big day is long passed, but I still have things to show I made for the day. Hope you aren't bored by now. It's the last birthday item I have want to show, so hang on.

The skirt of the dress is a full circle and made of two layers of fabric. To make the skirt even fuller, I made a sort of petticoat for underneath.

The petticoat is very easy to make. Take a closer look and you see it's all just strips of tule that I cut from an old, not used anymore, mosquito net that I tied to a piece of elastic.

It doesn't look very pretty from nearby, but to wear it under a dress to give the skirt more body, it works just fine! And just by accident the color of the mosquito net is the exact same red as the ribbon at the front of the dress. Love it when I find old junk that I'm about to throw away, but then again can use for something entirely different!