Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On request

In the last four weeks I made another mochila, an order from my colleague. It's my fifth mochila and I'm a bit full of it. So I guess this will be the last mochila you will see from my hand for quite a while.



My Cat Mochila is featured by  Creative Crochet Workshop!!

Thanks, Joanita!! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Cat Mochila

As I promised you a while ago, here are the pictures of the mochila I made for my daughter, for her birthday.


My Confetti Invitations were featured by Sarah Celebrates!

Thank you so much, Sarah!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fruit Deco

This week we celebrated my daughter's birthday and after making a couple of things in the last weeks, the party slowly got some sort of theme, namely Fruit. It started with the Confetti Cards, that had a sort of fruity colors. 

Then I made the garland in colors of tropical fruit and I think it was then that I thought fruit could be the theme. 

I had found plastic fruit pendants a while ago, that I absolutely didn't know what to do with, but just bought because I had to have them. Now I could use them to make a chain for decoration.

On Pinterest I saw this pattern for crocheted little pineapples that I couldn't resist.

And I even found the cutest little pineapple cocktail picks, that I used to decorate a Texas Tornado Cake (I made a version with pineapple).


This week my Black Mochila was featured by Oombawka Design and by Creative Crochet Workshop!

Thank you, Rhondda and Joanita!

Wanted #34

Popcorn Bikini by Banned

Monday, August 15, 2016


In just a couple of days it's my daughter's birthday. She will become nine and at this age, your birthday is A Thing. So we're counting down for weeks, not to say months now. I already made cards, a bag and a garland, and today I made a little cake. Just for fun. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Boot Belts

It's been raining for about, well, almost all summer now, so since it looks like fall around here, I thought I could just as well take out my old boots. To give them a little make over, I made some boot belts.

Wanted #33

Elizabeth Dress Moth by Pinup Couture

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Little Black Mochila

Since making my first mochila, I got a taste for it, so I made another one. No pattern required for this one, just for the bottom, so it was finished in just a couple of days.


One of my colleagues asked to make one for her, too. She chose a pattern and colors and I made a start a week ago.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Zaanse Schans

My daughters still have summer holidays and although we have returned from our holiday destination a couple of days ago, we  will not sit at home for the rest of the holidays of course. Aside from the usual stuff like going to the movies, to the playground and to the zoo, we are going to a museum now and then. 
Today we went to the Zaanse Schans. It's not really a museum, it's an outdoor area where you can find a couple of windmills and a lot of typical Dutch things (mostly old school Dutch things; nobody's walking around in folkloric costumes nowadays, other than for entertaining tourists). There's cheese, cloggs, tulips, cows and of course windmills. Some of the houses in the area are inhabited. Must be something you have to be into, I guess, having tourists walking around and over your property the whole day through.

Of course I took some pictures:

Entrance to a candy store and bakery

The green paint on the outside of the houses is typical for this little part of The Netherlands. 

 Beautiful mantelpiece with a lot of Delft's Blue tiles and an old fashioned heater. The little house is now used as a soap store.

Old-fashioned bakery. 

Nice garden with beautiful facades in the background, painted in the same greens we've seen before

Young swan eating duckweed. It had the same size as his parents, so how long does it take before they loose the grayish down?

A lot of windmills. Those were used for sawing wood, making mustard, making dye and making oil.

If some thing is typical Dutch, it's wooden shoes, I guess. In this store they actually show you how they are made. As an obliged clogg wearing OR nurse I'm thinking about buying the read ones, just to distinguish (there are not a lot of things to distinguish with in terms of appaerance in my profession). So what do you think?

Musical accompaniment was taken care of by this little street organ. 


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