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Another Garland

My daughter's birthday has already passed, but I will show you the other things I made for the party. Besides the Crochet Flower Garland I made this garland made of picture postcards (for free at the movie theaters in The Netherlands). After cutting circles out of the cards, I embellished the circles with a crocheted edge and wrote the letters with a permanent marker.

Wanted #36

Just want it!

Birthday Treats

As you may know by now, after reading the last four or five posts, soon it will be my daughter's birthday and today we could make an agreement about the treat. Since she is a bit into Cookie Monster these days, I proposed to make little bags full of different cookies, with the Cook Monster's face on it. I was glad to hear she liked the idea, because it's not that much work to make for her 35(!) class mates. Just fill up the bags, stick the Monster's face on it, tie a blue string through the bag to close it and... ready!
So simple, but I love it. Even better: my daughter loves it!!

I found the Cookie Monster printables here!


Carolyn from Carolyn's Homework and Claire Justine featured my Birthday Crown this week!!

Thank you so much, Carolyn and Claire Justine! Love it!

Crochet Flower Garland

After the Party Invitations, the Dress and the Crown, one of the Garlands is finished, too! I'm making progress!!

Two of my projects were featured this week!
Andrea from The Cottage Market and Misty from Denverista both featured my Paper Bunting Invitations

And Pam from Threading My Way and Kaysi from Keeping It Simple featured my Birthday Dress

Thanks, Andrea, Misty and Pam!!

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Love this Top!!

Birthday Crown

As always I made a crown to go with the Birthday Dress for the anniversary that's upcoming!
My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, but I can't find my charger for my camera's battery at the moment, so I snapped pictures with my mobile.


This week two of my earlier projects were featured!

Claire Justine featured my Crochet Frangipani Shoes

And Rachel from The Philosopher's Wife featured my Candy Cushion!

Thank you, both!

Birthday Dress!

And here it is again...
The Birthday Dress!
Made from a double bodice in white and green and a white and green circle skirt, made of the same fabric.

It's not for me, of course, but for my sweet daughter who's turning seven years old!!

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WANTED Loveliness!

Paper Bunting Invitations

In just two weeks it's my daughter's birthday and normally I would have had a lot of the preparations done by now, but this year I'm slow. Still have to start with the dress for example.

Today I finally made the invitations. It didn't take much time, but I love the result!

The garland is made of paper banners and a ribbon. I attached the banners to the ribbon with the sewing machine. Paper and sewing machine seems to work out just fine! The backside of the paper is white, so I wrote the invitation itself on the back of the banners.

 The only thing to hope for now is that people don't have other things by now at the date of the party.

What to wear with...

Image home made shoes!

Black Pencil Skirt - Pinup Couture Striped Shirt - Collectif Frangipani Shoes - Made by Me Hair Flowers - Supermarket  Beach Bag - Souvenir Shop at Menorca

Frangipani Shoes

Last week I saw this very nice idea of crochet espadrilles for babies and I thought 'Why not make those for me, myself and I?!'. With making the espadrilles I could combine three things that I wanted to do for quite some time, namely 1) buy espadrille-like wedges with flowers, 2) use two frangipani flowers that used to be hairclips but somehow broke loose from the clip and I saved for whenever I would get idea where to use them for and 3) make me a pair of shoes. 
This is how they turned out: And it's not a lot of work either, you can make them in just a couple of hours. For the bottom I bought cheap wedges and cut off the cheap fake suede fabric, but maybe you can buy heels-without-shoes somewhere around.

This is what the shoes looked like before their make over. 
My Crochet Stars were featured by Rooted in Thyme this week!

And my Paper Cat was featured by Bowdabra Blog!!

 Thanks, Jody & Stan and Bowdabra Blog!

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WANTED Just Love This Jacket!

Martha's Sweet Zucchini Cupcakes

Now that we're back from our holidays for some time and I have my first days of work behind me, it seems like I haven't been to the other side of Europe at all. But the good news is: I can cook and bake in my fully equipped kitchen again! So when I got the Martha Stewart newsletter and saw these Zucchini Cupcakes, ingredients were bought right away and here they are:
They're even more delicious then they look!

Paper Cat

My daughters of 7 and 4 have their summer vacation ('Vacation again?!', you might think, and that's exactly what I think every four weeks (more or less) when they have at least five days off again; kids here in The Netherlands have about twelve weeks of vacation in a year), so again I have to think about entertainment every day. But today was my lucky day, because I got an idea served on a silver platter!
Since my oldest daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks, I was searching for some nice presents (because what to ask if you already have everything?). I came along a picture of folded animals and when I searched for a whole book with folded animals, I came along a website where one can print such animals! Even better: for free! Great idea to fill some of this ocean of vacation days ahead!
Tonight I made this one for my daughter as an example. If you're out of children's entertainment ideas, too, you can find the animals here.…

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Classic, Classy Swimsuit!