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Little Sweater

About two weeks ago I bought the most beautiful yarn and started knitting a little sweater for my three year old, but soon it became clear that I hadn't enough of the yarn. The store where I bought it sold the last two balls of wool to me and couldn't order yarn of the same paint bath, so I had to find another solution, because I definitely wanted to make a sweater of the yarn. I asked you, my readers, for ideas and got some great suggestions. Thanks for that!! In the end I unraveled the whole sweater and started all over, but knitted the ribs in another color. This is the result:

I think the contrasting ribs make the blue/grey/green yarn even more beautiful, don't you?

Birthday Crafts Round Up

What I made for my daughter's third birthday:


This week I found this super cute hearts at Felted Button

I don't know yet what I will make of them, but I just had to make them! You can find the pattern here.

Wanted #50

Beautiful Lace Dress!

Lack of Yarn

Last week I bought the most beautiful grey, turquoise and green yarn, to knit a little sweater for my three year old. I thought the colors would look great on her, with her little grey eyes and white hair. There were only two knots left in the store, but the label on the yarn said four knots should be enough for a size 16 sweater, so I thought two of it would be more than enough for a little sweater for a three year old.
Happily I started knitting, but, you guessed it, I ran out of yarn long before the end came to sight. I went back to the yarn store, hoping they could order a knot of the same paint-bath in another branch, but no. Alas.

So, still thinking what to do about this… Good ideas, anyone?
I'm thinking about contrasting rib.

This week my Confetti Cookies were featured by Pam from Pam’s Party and Practical Tips

Thank you for your sweet words and the feature, Pam!

Confetti Cookies

This is what my three year old treated to her classmates this week, together with the little crocheted owls: confetti cookies! The idea for the cookies I found at Repeat Crafter Me.

This is how you make them:

What you need:

* Cookie dough (look on the internet for a recipe, there are plenty)
* Food coloring or cocoa
* Lolliepop pieces ( put the lollipops in a little bag and break them with a hammer)

*Icing (again, look on the internet for a recipe)

* Sugar confetti
After making the cookie dough cut the cookies: round cookies, which I made with a simple glass, cookies with a cut out 3 (made with the same glass and a 3 cookie cutter) and rings (made with the same glass and a smaller glass). 
For the rings you can use some food coloring or cocoa, to give them a contrasting color. To do this knead some coloring through the dough. I used cocoa powder.
Put all cookies on a baking sheet and fill the 3’s with the little pieces of lollipops. The lolliepop pieces will melt in the oven and fill the whole…

Wanted #49

WANTED I just LOVE this jacket!

Baby Boy Blanket

About two weeks ago I told you about the birth of my little nephew and the things I made for him. First I showed you this crocheted Little Plane, and here's the baby blanket I crocheted for him. 

And today I finally finished the owls that I made for my daugter as a treat for the kids in Kindergarten (see earlier post here). It took some days, because as you know the first three or four are fun to make, but after that it becomes more and more boring.

Crochet Birthday Crown

After sewing a Birthday Dress I also made a matching crown. It's not made of felt, like the other crowns (here and here) I made before, but I crocheted it and embellished it with rhinestones and glitter. Almost ready for the party now!

Wanted #48

Gorgeous Black Dress!

Owls All Over

For my youngest daughter's birthday I had to think hard what to make for the kids in her kindergarten group, but this weekend some little owls on a blog called Small Things of Crochet caught my eye and those are just perfect! Don't take too much time to make and are fun for three year old kids. The blog is in Spanish though and the owls don't come with a pattern, so I had to make up a pattern myself, but I think they look nice enough. 

I made ten by now,  just five to go!

Last week some of my projects were featured!YAY!  Tonna from Navy Wifey Peters featured my Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Pin.

And Pam from Threading my Way featured my crocheted Little Plane.

Thanks, Tonna and Pam!!

Birthday Dress

In about two weeks my little daughter will turn three years old! It only seems three weeks ago since she was born, time seems to pass so much faster since I have kids.
A couple of weeks ago I saw an adorable dress at Girl.Inspired and knew immediately it was The Dress for my daughters birthday. I used another pattern though, one I used for a variety of dresses, that all look different from each other, as you can see below.

The dress I made this time from the same pattern:

For the basic bodice I used dark blue silk, for the upper dress I used black lace. I'm happy to say my daughter LOVES her  dress!

Wanted #47

WANTED Cute Little Top!

Little Plane

In the first post of this new year I want to start of course by saying 

Happy NewYear!!

to all of you!! Let it be a great one, with lots of love and good health!

Last week my little nephew was finally born, so now I can show you the stuff I made for him. Like this little plane I crocheted, to name one. In a couple of week there will be a gathering to celebrate his birth and then I will gave the presents to his parents, but of course I already saw him the day after he was born. The next posts will be about the other items I made.

One of the craft I made for the holidays, the Embellished Postcard, was featured two weeks ago by Navy Wifey Peters

Thanks, Tonna!