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Bellator Romanus

After finishing the hat for my colleague's daughter, I made more headgear this week.  
We have a tomcat, named Ronnie, who's favorite waste of time is chasing other cats around the neighbourhood, but what he likes even more, is fighting. Ronnie isn't looking very handsome anymore as a result. He has lost a large part of his tail, because another cat bit in it and after being infected that part had to be amputated. Besides that he has scratches all the time. And because Ronnie is a white cat, you see everything: dirt, mud, dust and blood. He's a real fighter and that's why I made this Roman fighter helmet for him. It really fits his character! Looks good on him, too, as you see!
Of course I made this just to make a picture of him (and laugh at him), he can't wear this outside the house. Although it would be hilarious to see him proudly walking the streets with his helmet on.
And for the record: he didn't mind at all to wear it…

Crochet Fox Cushion

For the Sea Foam Backpack I recently hooked, I used wool from Hema. Normally I don't like to hook with wool at all, but this is firm wool and I never, not even once, sticked the hook between the twined threads of the yarn. Because this wool is thicker than the cotton yarn I normally use, it really gets ahead fast. Reason enough to make more things with it. Like a fox cushion for example. Fits right in the autumn theme I see everywhere.  A nice get away from the very large project that I'm still working on and that's only halfway. 

Wanted #39


Flower Hat

Last week I got a request from a colleague, who wanted me to crochet something for her daughter. Not entirely to my own taste, to be honest, but of course I said yes. 

Image Source: The Whoot

 Here's the version I made of the hat.
You can find plenty of hat patterns on the site of The Whoot.


Creative Jewish Mom featured two of my projects this week, namely the Old to New-shirts and the Cheese-Cake-in-Glass-with-Cat!

 Thank you, Sara!

Beach Treasures Necklace

From a good friend, who went on vacation to New Zealand last spring, I got a beautiful piece of mother of pearl. It was hanging from a not so pretty necklace though, namely just a bit of rope, that broke after two times of wearing.
Today I made something new to hang my mother of pearl from, together with some other beach treasures , a black little feather and a spiral shell that I both found when I was at Menorca. 

My Sea Foam Wall Hanging was featured by Bowdabrablog this week!

Thank you!


My Flower Dream Catcher is featured by A Tray Full of Bliss!

Thank you, Mimi!

Wanted #38


Homemade Lollypops


What you need 250 grams of granulated sugar 2 table spoons fructose 50 ml water pear flavour lolly sticks
What you do Heat the sugar and water to 150 degrees in a thick bottom pan (measure with a kitchen thermometer; you can also drop some of the sugar in cold water, as it forms a hard piece the temperature of the sugar is perfect). Take the pan from the heater and drop 4 drops of pear flavouring in the sugar (or another flavour to your own taste). 
Let the sugar cool down a bit. In the meantime spread out lolly sticks. Drop some of the molten sugar on the top of a stick and spread some sprinkles on it.

That's it! 

Old to New

My husband is renovating the bedroom of our daughters. They now sleep together in a large room, but when this project is finally finished, they will both have their own room (and my husband and I will have a slightly smaller room).  And when you're moving to a new room, you have to sort things out and throw or give some of your stuff away.

Not so easy for my youngest, who rather wants to keep everything. Shirts, for example, that don't fit her anymore for some years now, but she really ('Really, momma!!') needs because the print is so nice. 
Some things I just throw away when she's in school (evil, mean mother that I am), and she doesn't even miss them, but there are some shirts that I like myself and now I have found a good solution: I just cut out the prints and applicate them to a new shirt.


My Flower Dream Catcher was featured this week by A Crafter DX and by A Round Tuit!

Thanks, Maz Kwoz and Jill!

Wanted #37


Sea Foam Wall Hanging

This time I found inspiration @poppyandbliss on Instagram!
I used different colors and added some shells to get a beachy feeling. Totally makes me think of Menorca, our vacation destination this summer.


My Flower Dream Catcher was featured this week by Creating my Way to Success!

Thanks, Jill!


And now the last home made festive thingy for the august birthday: the cake(s)! This week my daughter held her school friends birthday party and before we took off to the swimming pool, we ate cake at home and hit the pinata (not home made this time, due to glue I couldn't find). 
My daughter had seen cheese cakes in little glasses and had to have that for her friends. With a cat on it, because cats are the greatest, my daughter says since a month or three. And here they are, the cheese-cakes-with-cat-in-glass! A remarkable combination, but funny nonetheless.
In the plastic glass you see a bottom made of cookies, then fresh strawberries and after that the soft curd cheese. On top you see the cat, which I made from marzipan. 

Fruity Hama Beads Glass Decoration

After treating her classmates and celebrating her birthday for our family and friends, now is the day to celebrate my daughter's birthday for her own friends. One of the things I really hate is going to a swimming pool with a bunch of kids and that's exactly what she wants, what she really, really wants, lol and yay and hahaha! Well, actually I think it's not funny at all, because I HATE (can I say that aloud, or even shout, here at my blog) the swimming pool!

But first we're going to eat croissants and cake and drink lemonade. And to embellish the lemonade glasses I made fruit from hama beads.
I found this idea here.


Just found out that my Half Lotus Bunting was featured by Nifty Thrifty Things!!

Thank you very much, Vanessa!!

Wanted #36


Vase & Crochet

Since our vacation I'm busy with a Very Large Project. I'm not really the person for VLP's, due to lack of patience, but every now and then I give it a try again. Don't know how long it will take this time before I think 'enough', we'll see. In the meantime I do some small projects in between, so I have something to post here on the blog. Like this vase. 

Just to give this vase a different look, I did some crocheting around, but what it really gives it a great look, are the beautiful gerberas in it. I've never seen this wonderful color combination of vanilla yellow and raspberry red, but it was love at first sight!

My Sea Foam Backpack was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Oui Crochet,  Be ACrafter XD and by Creating my Way to Success this week!

Thanks, Sara, Susie, Maz and Jill! 
My ECG Heartbeat was featured by Carolyn's Homework and Scrapality!

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