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A couple of years ago I asked Dutch artist Claudia Hek to make a drawing of my cats Sjakie and Ronnie. Sjakie isn't around anymore and now we have Dolly, who we didn't adopt to fill Sjakie's empty spot (because a cat like Sjakie you only meet once in a lifetime; not a cat, but a personality), but because I'm a cat lover and I can't imagine my life being without cats.

To have different styles on the wall I made a drawing of Haasje (Little Hare in Dutch, that is) to hang amongst the drawings of Sjakie and Ronnie.
And in case you think 'Mmm, she could have worked a bit on the ratios' I can assure you that Haasje really has ears as big as these. Enormous, aren't they?

To make it complete I have to make some art work of Dolly, too. After I've finished that one, I will show you the whole wall.

Natura Artis Magistra

After four successive years of going to the (175 year old!!) city zoo in my hometown, to seek for Easter eggs, I think I can speak of a tradition. The full name of our zoo is Natura Artis Magistra (hence the title of this post), Latin for 'Nature is the teacher of art'. Of course I took pictures again.

Ibiza Style Beach Bag

It's a bit early, I know, because spring has only just begun, but I booked a vacation last week and suddenly became hasty to DIY a summer wardrobe together. To be started with this little beach bag.

I got the pattern here.


My Flamingo was featured this week by Oombawka Design and by Creating My Way to Success!

Thank you so much, Rhondda and Jill!

Wanted #13


Bunny Stakes

This week was the yearly Easter Breakfast at the school of my daughters. Nothing to make or bake this time, there was just a list of groceries hanging outside the class room to write your name after the product you want to bring. As usual I was the last mother who saw the list, so there wasn't anything left to choose; my daughter had to bring the bread. To decorate the bread tray and make it look a bit more attractive, I baked a couple of little bunny cookies and cheered them up with crocheted bunny heads.

I found the pattern for the bunny heads at Natas Nest. The recipe for the cookies you can find at Martha Stewart.


My other bunnies were featured this week by Oui Crochet!!

Thank you so much, Susie!

Bunny Cabinet

This little cabinet, that I have for years, has had its third make over. When I bought it, it was untreated wood, that I painted blue. It stood in the entrance hall of our city appartment. After we moved to a bigger house, it got a green color and I painted a couple of butterflies on it. It got a little place in our bed room.

This time we didn't move, but renovated and the little cabinet is moved to my youngest daughter's room. I painted it over again, pink this time, and decorated it with a large bunny.


My Spring Bunnies were featured by Tatertots and Jello and by Scrapality!

Thanks, Jennifer and Andrea!

Wanted #12


Crochet Flamingo

From the first time I saw this one at a link party a couple of months ago, this pink beauty was on my wish list. I've searched and searched for the pattern, until my daughter said this week: 'Look mommy, that's the flamingo that's in granny's crochet book!'
Next day I picked up the book and bought some balls of cotton yarn and today the flamingo is a fact. I know, I promised you no more flamingos for a while after the Flamingo-themed birthday party from my daughter, but I couldn't resist this one... 

You can find the pattern in this book


This week my Heart Pockets Skirt was featured by My Own Home!! 

Thank you very much, Kristina!

Spring is in the air!

When I think of spring, I think of bunnies (especially our own bunny Haasje, who, as a Flemish Giant, is actually more a bun). Haasje broke his hind leg last year around this time. He got an extern fixation of the bone and it took me hours to keep the wound and his bench clean, more time to give him medicins against pain and inflammation and some more time to keep him company as much as possible, because he wasn't allowed to hop too much on his broken leg and had to stay in his bench for four weeks. But he did wonderfully well, the tough one, and is hopping around again as if nothing happened.

Anyway, I made two bunnies. The brown one has the color of Haasje (which means little hare, a name my six year old daughter has given him), the gray one is his little girlfriend, that he doesn't have in real life, because I want to be his only love and get all the bunny kisses ;-) .
I found the pattern here.
And here again is the one and only:

Wanted #11


Easter Egg Bags

We didn't have much of a winter here, in The Netherlands, but I'm happy that it's over and spring is in the air. I love a good winter, especially when we're able to ice skate, but the last three winters it's just... well, no word I can think of. It isn't cold, it isn't warm either, days are gray, everything looks dull, no skating, no snow, just rain and an occasional hail shower.  But last week I noticed some light at the horizon when I reached the hospital where I work. Operations start at eight, so I have to be their far earlier. For me the coming of spring is always marked with light appearing at the horizon when I arrive at work. So, it's coming! 
And with spring, there's Easter. For my daughters I made an Easter bag to collect eggs in when the day is there.
I used this pattern before and then made these little bags. You can find it here. The inspiration for the crocheted Easter Bunny I found here.

My Skirt with…

Heart Pockets Skirt

After making a Flamingo Skirt a couple of weeks ago for my daughter's birthday, I got in the mood for doing more sewing projects, but I just didn't really have time for it. This weekend I had some free hours and made this double layered skirt with heart pockets for my oldest daughter. It was on my ever growing to do-list for quite some time (with LOTS of other projects, for that matter) and I'm glad I can scratch one off.
I found inspiration here.

Wanted #10