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Crochet Pineapple

When I think of summer, I especially think of certain fresh fruits. Fresh pineapple is one of them.
Pineapple reminds me of several vacations in Florida, when we ate pineapple almost every day; while driving to The Keys, while sitting in a park in St Augustine, while sun bathing at Cocoa Beach, after running at South Beach, while watching rockets in Cape Canaveral, after kayaking in The Everglades. Oh, I just love Florida. I've been to a lot of States, but Florida is definitely one of my favorites!

Our five months old Flemish Giant Haasje (meaning Little Hare, my daughter (5) named him that) went outside today for the first time in his life. The little animal went wild from happiness and ran around in circles all the time. Now he's back in his indoor cage and totally worn out. So much joy, he can nearly stand it!


Since I'm on Instagram I find the cutest things! I made this after an idea I found @kikalite.


This week my Popsicle Garland was featured by City of Creative Dreams, Creative Jewish Mom and by Bowdabrablog!

Thank you, Shanice, Sara and Sandy! 

My Crocheted Balloons were also featured by Creative Jewish Mom.

Thanks again, Sara!

Wanted #17


Tapestry Bag for Kids

Yep, still into bunnies around here... (I know, these endless bunny posts will cost me followers sooner or later...).
This time I had to crochet a bunny bag. So, I did. Of course.

I tried another method for Tapestry Crochet and finally seem to have find out how to make a pattern neat. Doesn't look so messy anymore. 

This week both my Bunny with Hoodie and the Garland were featured by Creative Jewish Mom. The Garland was also featured by Naptime Creations.

Thanks again, Sara and Emily!

Little Crochet Balloons

This week a good friend of mine will turn 40. I thought it would be nice to bake her a cake and embellish it with little crochet balloons and a Hip Hip Hooray quote made of colored wire, besides the 'real' present. For the cake I used only three, what you see here is what was left (I became really excited after the first balloon).
I found the pattern here, via Annemaries Haakblog.

Wanted #16


Popsicle Garland

Last week I had some minor surgery on my knee, but recovering will take quite some time, the physical therapist told me yesterday. I'm not allowed to walk for six weeks on the leg that was operated, and after that there will follow another six weeks in which I'm allowed to put just 50% of my weight on it. I was a bit upset after this news had reached me, because I thought I would be back at work in just four weeks. But as an OR-nurse, walking, standing, lifting, tilting, bending, turning and other such things doing all the time, working is out of the question. 
But: always look on the bright side! Twelve weeks of reading!! Finally time to go through all those books piled up beside my bed!
And I make some things for my daughters. Like this:

Bunting and Tassels

One day behind with my post, due to a knee operation, but now I'm back on track, so here it is!
I've made a garland like this before, a couple of years ago, in other colors and now wanted to make a new one, in fresh white. 
See the Tutorials section here on my blog for the pattern, in case you want to make one, too.

Wanted #15


Bunny with Hoodie

Since the next renovating project in our house will be the kids rooms, I'm searching the internet all the time, together with my daughters, to find inspiration for decorating their rooms. The theme changes about every day, so finding nice things is more difficult than you would think. Every now and then I find some cute stuff I  want to make anyway, fitting the theme or not, and this cutie is one of them. The Hoodie is one of my own favorite pieces of cloths when I go to work (where I have to change in other clothes): comfortable and easy.
You can find the pattern here.

Bunnies & Eggs

And here's the last Easter project of this year (although it's certainly not the last bunny themed project of this year)! Simple and cute.

And just in time I found a free download today for an egg garland!

Not that we didn't have enough decoration, because my daughters made this today with a styrofoam egg and Modpodge at an Easter market. Love these!


My Origami Easter Bunnies were featured by 4 You With Love and Creative Jewish Mom.

Thank you, Marilyn and Sara!

Easter Breakfast at School

Not only a X-mas diner is organized at the school of my daughters, where parents (read: mothers) have to cook or bake something, but school's keeping us busy for Easter, too. My daughters wanted to make something themselves. Preferable something sweet, of course, so they could eat while making them. So cookies it had to be.
I have a lot of cookie cutters, though nothing with an easter theme, but I found some very nice ones just in time. I bought them here.

I chose the chick and bunny cutter to make cookies for school.

After baking the cookies, I cut two bunnies out of polymer clay, to embellish the jars for the cookies. The jars I purchased just for this happy happening. Perfect size, perfect color. Bought them here.

And this is what my daughters got with them to school for Easter Breakfast.

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