The last time I posted here is more than half a year ago. A lot has changed in the last months. We moved for example. Our house was too small for the four of us for quite some time, especially because my husband likes to do some home improvement himself, and slowly the house was filled with tools and equipment more and more. So we needed a bigger house, one with a yard large enough to build a large garage/barn. 
We started to look and in the meantime refreshed our home, so we could put it up for sale. It was a rollercoaster. In the end we found the house we wanted and bought it before we even sold our former house, but as soon as we put our former house on the market, it was sold. I was sad and happy at the same time. Happy because it was sold so fast. There were a lot of potential buyers, so people liked the house as much as we did. But I was sad to leave the house. I loved our house and all the efforts we've put into it in the twelve years we lived there. 
The ne…

Harlequin Pattern Ward Robe

Still renovating the house, still working on the bedrooms of my daughters. We try to recycle as much as possible, so when my daughter asked for a new wardrobe she had seen somewhere on the internet, with a diamond grid pattern, I got paint and paint brushes and painted away on her old wardrobe. I think the result looks great!

Travels: Austria and Slovenia

You wouldn't guess it, but my daughters had holidays again these last two weeks and because experience learns that May/June is the best time to travel these days in Europe, because of the heat we had the couple of years in summer, we went on vacation. One of the countries on our bucketlist was Slovenie so off we went. We flew to Innsbruck, Austria, hired a car and drove to the Alpen Zoo, because we had to kill a couple of hours before our appartment would be ready. 

Some pictures of Innsbruck and Igls

The third day we went to Slovenia and to be honest: I wish we had spend all vacation there. What a beautiful country! Green, clean, friendly people, good food, very outdoory, comfortable houses, just great! The only sad thing was that we had lots of rain, but even with rain, we had a superb holiday!
Bled, the famous lake and the castle

Pineapple Cake

Three months ago my daughter had her ninth Birthday and we still didn't have her party for class mates. Last weekend she asked if she could celebrate this weekend. A bit of a short notice, but since there's another two week school vacation coming up (again), I couldn't postpone. So, this weekend we had a party. My daughter wanted a pineapple cake (just the look, not the taste), so I made this one.

My First Easter Bunny of the Year

Not the first bunny, because I already made a bunny as a baby present, but this one is for the Easter table.

But as you all know, since we have a bunny ourselves (a Flemish Giant weighing 9 kilograms, so he counts for ten bunnies, actually) I love bunnies, so I can't get enough of creating them.

This one is from the book Crocheted Wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie

Here he is, the Giant of Flanders. Don't worry, he's still alive, just relaxing.

Toothless, from How To Train Your Dragon, that I made for my daughter, was featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

Thanks, Sara