A Hug in a Mug

My daughter has got some handlettering books from Sinterklaas and while I was cleaning her room I flipped through a couple of pages. I was immediately inspired and made this mug. It's a gift to myself, because a good cup of coffee can really feel like a hug in a mug, am I right?

3D Star

Now that Sint Maarten deliverd lots of candies and sweets and Sinterklaas has brought his presents and is off to Spain again until next year, it's time for the next holiday: Christmas. This weekend I will set up the Christmas Tree with my daughters. We also have a 'Carols from Scrap' saturday, when there are two choirs formed, one for children and one for adults, that will practice carols for the whole day. At the end of the day both choirs will peform at church. Very good way to get in the mood for Christmas. 
I started to make some Christmas Decorations this week. 
From gold colored straws I made this star:

I got this idea from Etsy, where you also can buy complete kits to make these so called Himmeli's yourself

Christmas Decoration

A while ago I saw this pattern. Simple and fast to make, but cute. So I made it. 

I found this pattern here


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Sinterklaas Surprises

It's almost December 5th and that's the day the people of The Netherlands celebrate Sinterklaas. It really is a children's fest. Sinterklaas is an old Saint that brings presents, together with his helpers. He has a horse that can walk over rooftops and his helpers can slide down the chimney. In the weeks before December 5th children set their shoes before the chimney and at  night the helpers (all named Pete, but you have Rhyme Pete, Dance Pete, Wrap Pete and Chief Pete, to name a few examples) put little presents in it. 
On the 5th of December Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday. That day all children are awaiting the evening, because that's the moment Pete can knock at the door any moment and leave a bag full of presents.
For the children that are still at elementary school, but don't believe in Sinterklaas anymore there's a alternative Sinterklaas celebration (around the age of 7, 8 you can't make them believe any single thing anymore, unfortunately; wh…

Pop Up Reindeer Cards

This week I started making Christmas Cards. It wasn't in my planning to make cards myself, but when I was in my nearby craft store yesterday, I saw beautiful pastel colored paper. That's how it usually goes: I decide to make it an easy Christmas with little home made things, until I see craft supplies that I really like, most of the time because it has nice colors. So there I was, spending another afternoon at the craft table, but I love the result!

The idea and templates for the card I found here


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