Cacti Party Invitations

Another item in this year's Birthday Party preparation, with Cacti as a theme, chosen by my daughter the party animal: the invitations! 

It's been a long time since I made simple drawn invitations, but I like them!

Chill & Chunky Blanket

As told in my last post, after crocheting Elena Deer (free pattern here) I became curious and last week I purchased issue #6 of Koel Magazine, so I could crochet Crispin Rabbit. I want to give Deer and Rabbit to the twin daughters of my friend.  
After finishing Rabbit I started with the Chill & Chunky Blanket in the same issue. I felt like crocheting a blanket since after three months of uninterrupted sun it finally started to rain and it was sort of chilly outside (funny how 23 degrees Celsius feels chilly after days of 35 degrees). I love the seasons and am looking forward to Fall: closed curtains, candles, house blankets, indoor diners with friends, movie nights and evenings full of Netflix. So, I made this:

 I used Mint Green wool for the blanket and Dark Grey cotton for the edge.

Made It #24

Finally I didn't forget to take a picture of the Pasta Pesto. I made this dish each week the last three weeks, but only this week I remembered to click so I could show you the result. 
Instead of pinenuts I used pecans, but that's the only thing I altered. The best thing about this recipe is that it's ready in only ten minutes!
~*~ My favorite tea flavour is Earl Grey, I really don't like fruit flavours and such in my tea. Maybe a bit of lemon, but that's it. Earl Grey Cookies sound like the best company for a cup of Earl Grey Tea, so that's what I'm going to try this week! After three months of sunshine every day without one drop of rain, there's rain in the forecast and that asks for tea and cookies.

Crispin Rabbit

My last post was about Elena Deer, a free pattern by Pica Pau (Yan Schenkel) on the website of Koel Magazine. I purchased Issue #6 of the magazine last week, because in it is a pattern for Crispin Rabbit, another pattern by Pica Pau. 

In the magazine are nice patterns by other designers, too.Not only for crochet but for other yarn crafts also. The next project from the magazine is on my hook already. 

Elena Deer

Last week I found a new magazine named Koel Magazine. Well, actually it found me and liked some of my posts on my Instagram account, which made me curious and made me want to found out what was Koel Magazine.
It happened to be a sort of glossy magazine about yarn crafts. It's quite original, is not only about yarns but also about design and decoration and comes with a lot of ideas, crafty gadgets and information that I had never heard about (punch needling, anyone heard of punch needling before?), but sure want to try one of these days.The only downside is that the magazine is a bit pricy, but I bought the latest issue anyway.

On the website of Koel Magazine I found a couple of free patterns for different yarn arts. My favorite craft is crochet of course and under the crochet head I found this free pattern from Pica Pau (I've posted my results that I made with her patterns on different occasions here on the blog).

I already started the next project. This one is from this …