Oversized Cropped Sweater

Now that it is getting cooler my daughter said goodbye to the crop tops and welcomed the crop sweater. Maybe you remember the My Precious Sweater that I made for her. The color lilac still is her favorite so I bought a new batch, but instead of a crochet pattern I made up a pattern myself, not for the crochet hook, but for knitting needles.
Yarn: Stonewashed Lilac Quartz by ScheepjesPattern: made up myself
Needles: 3,5mmSize: the size is easily to adjust by casting on more (or less if you want a smaller sweater) stitches at the boards of front and back side and the sleeves. After knitting the boards, you can just follow the pattern as it goes. The number of stitches that I put in parentheses will be different then of course.
Front and back side
Cast on 100 stitches
First 12 rows: rib stitch (100)
Continue in stockinette stitch
Row 1: increase in the first stitch and every forth stitch (125)Row 2: purl in every stitchRow 3: increase in the first stitch and every fifth stitch (150)Re…

Stroopwafel Latte Macchiato

A couple of weeks ago I shared a recipe for Dutch Speculaas with you. Today I want to share with you another recipe in which a Dutch delicacy is involved: the Stroopwafel. My favorite drink is coffee, but the variety with just a bit coffee and lots of milk, in other words: latte. Even better: a stroopwafel latte!

What you need1 stroopwafel (if your bakery or supermarkt doesn't have stroopwafels, then here'sa recipe by Martha Stewart)3 tablespoons sugar syrup1 teaspoon cinnamon
espresso powdermilk whipped cream

What to doHeat the milk, but don't let it boilPut in a cup or glass with two tablespoons of syrup, a half teaspoon of cinnamon and espresso powder to your likeCrumble the stroopwafel
Add the milk  and mix with the other ingredientsTop off with whipped creamSprinkle with crumbled stroopwafel, the rest of the cinnamon and the sugar syrup

Spooky Ghost Doily

A while ago, long before Halloween was in sight, I found this pattern for a ghost doily on Pinterest and saved it for later use. Now that Halloween ís in sight, I made the doily this weekend.Meanwhile my daughters carved pumpkins. The result is very cute, I think. 

Don't you love this beautiful Fall Bouquet by the way?  My brother and his wife gave it to me. 

Pattern: Boo! Doily by Marsha Glassner (free pattern on Ravelry)
Yarn: Capri White by Katia~*~My little Cat in Pumpkin was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Eye Love Knots, Eclectic Red Barn, Doodle Buddies and Artsy Fartsy Mama!

DIY Lace Up Ballet Flats

A while ago I saw this post about Lace Up Ballet Flats, I think on Pinterest, and the same day I went to the shoe store to buy ballet flats and to the sew shop around the corner to buy ribbon and to the craft store to buy rings and glue. But after that the whole project stocked. I just couldn't bring myself to assemble everything together for some reason and the shoes disappeared to a far corner of my clothing closet. 
Until this weekend when my husband started to make new closets in our house and I had to empty the old ones. There I found the shoes and all necessities still in the same box, so I could start right away and in less than an hour everything was fixed. 
Instead of leather cord I used a bit larger rings and satin ribbon and pointy ballet flats, but I like the result even more. 
Tutorial: DIY Lace Up Ballet Flats by Collective Gen

Cat in Pumpkin

The first Halloween project of this year I showed you some weeks ago: The Plague Doctor. The Plague Doctor wasn't really a monster, but a figure that really walked around ages ago. He looked creepy enough to scare people away though.

 This week I made a cute kitty, that looks much friendlier. Since we have moved to another house, we have enough rooms for our daughters to have a chill room (as my daughters name it) and they really, really want to give a Halloween party in the chill room this year, with their friends staying over and all. This is the first deco for the party!

Pattern: Cat in Pumpkin by Magic FilamentYarn: various colors by Katia and Scheepjes

The Little Rain Cloud that I showed you last week was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Oombawka DesignMy Bijou Life and The Cottage Market!