Alison Alpaca

Another pattern from the Book of Pica Pau by Jan Schenkel, the Alpaca. I made this one because it made me think of a trip I made some years ago to Peru. While I was wandering through Macchu Pichu a couple of alpacas followed me with their eyes. I kept away from them because you only have to be spitten on by an alpaca once in your life to avoid coming near them for the rest of your days. The smell; horrible! Not easily washed away either. Fortunately I was in a zoo when it happened, so I could wash my face thoroughly, but I will never forget that smell.
Anyway, I liked to see them living in between the ruins of Macchu Pichu, because they belong there. They are so beautiful with their big brown eyes with long lashes and their fluffy hair on top of their head.

Just one more to make from this book: the wolf. I'm not really into spirituality and such, but when I heard about so called totem animals, I've always known that the wolf is my totem.

Made It #6

~Since I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from the pinned items, I've set myself a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload~ As said last week I would make the Corn Soup for the all Mexican Lunch Menu. The friends I had over for diner never had Corn Soup before and neither did I, so no frame of reference here, but we all found the taste was great! A keeper again. Find the recipe here. ~*~
Another one that I want to make for the above mentioned lunch are these vegetarian Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas. All ingredients in this recipe sound great: avocados, cheese, black beans and cilantro. Especially the last one. I know it's a herb people either love or hate, but I'm definitely a fan.   ~*~ 

Two of the recipes I made for Made It were featured by Strawberry Butterscotch, namely the Cheese Croquettes and the Vegetarian Enchiladas!

Thank you very much, Anna!

Valentine Can Cake

Just for the four of us, my daughters, my husband and I, I wanted to make a small cake for Valentine's Day. I only have large baking tins, but the idea popped into my head to use an empty vegetable can as a baking tin. I love the result! The cake is just large enough to cut into four pieces.


Sheila the Cheetah was featured by Oui Crochet, by Creating My Way to Success and by Creative Jewish Mom!

Thank you  so much, Susie, Jill and Sara!

Made It #5

~Since I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from the pinned items, I've set myself a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload~

As promised I made the King Cake Bites, but I'm sorry to say: they don't look quite as nice as the bites in the pictures that came with the recipe. I'm used to that, when I bake sweet stuff like cake and cookies most of the time it looks like a total failure, so I hope you're not disappointed. 
The taste was good, but the sugar and icing that I made to decorate the bites, didn't look like purple, green and yellow at all as you can see in the picture below. 
So, oooon to the next recipe...

Next week some good friends will come over for lunch and I want to make an all Mexican menu from recipes that are on my Pinterest board for ages. The first one I'm going to try is the Corn Soup.  I never had corn soup, so the taste will be sort of a surprise, but I think corn…

Valentine Jars

A while ago I told you about all the disposable vegetable jars I keep to use for whenever. I'm about to disappear underneath a layer of vegetable jars so I thought maybe it would be a nice idea to use some of them for Valentine's Day. I bought a white and red glass paint pencil and a chalkboard pencil, so I could draw what I wanted to see on the jars with chalkboard pencil first. The chalkboard pencil is easily wiped away in case of errors or if you just don't like your design. When totally satisfied, you can trace your drawings or writings with the glass paint pencil. After baking the jars in the oven,  you can wipe of the rest of the chalkboard paint. 
Another tip: if you're not very good at handlettering or drawing you can place a drawing or text behind the glass and trace it directly on the glass with a glass paint pencil. 
Some tealights in the jars will do the rest! Gives nice patterns on the walls, too!