Fixed Up Lantern

Last week there was Garage Sale in the village I grew up. We didn't participate ourselves this year (my daughters make bracelets every year for sale and I crochet some small things they can sell, because I think it's a good way to teach them about money), because I thought it would be nice to walk around the village this time to look for children's books. We found some books, but I also found a beautiful lantern, that would look perfect above the coffee table in our living room.

I painted it black and bought a nice looking LED light bulb for it and this is how the lantern looks now: much more like a lamp.

Unfortunately the spiral light bulb was a bit to big to fit through the small opening in the lantern, so I have to buy another one, but for now this not so splendid looking bulb will do. I just love my new old lamp!

Monstera Coasters

Last week I told you about my other blog, chores and checking off lists. One of the things on the list that made the checked off list, were these Monstera coasters for underneath plant pots. 


Frida was featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

Thanks, Sara!

Made It #21

The Mango/Coconut/Lime Pops that I made this week were a big hit. To be honest: I didn't expect something else. Ice Pops are among the very favorite foods of my two daughters.  The win for me in this case, is that the pops are completely made of fresh fruits.

While ice pops are one of the favorite foods of my daughers, a favorite of mine is rhubarb. Rhubarb is one of many that my beloved grandmother grew in her vegetable garden and when I think of rhubarb, my grandmother pops into my head immediately.
I'm a vegetarian and am always on the lookout for renewing recipes. I follow a Dutch blog, called De Hippe Vegetarier (meaning The Trendy Vegetarian) and that's where I found this delicious recipe for Rhubarb Raspberry Smoothie

Embroidered Dragonfly

Since a couple of weeks I have another blog, where I make a list of things to do each week and check off all chores I actually did. You can read more about it here. This embroidered shirt was one of the things on the list.

I bought a shirt and embroidery thread, printed out the template, but couldn't think of a way to transfer the pattern to the shirt with things that I had around the house, so I drew the dragon fly by hand on the shirt and then embroidered the lines.

You can find the template here (or you can choose the elephant, fire truck, giraffe or tractor). Oh, and don't forget to bring carbon or transfer paper or something like it when you go out for embroidery thread.

Natura Artis Magistra

Today we had our yearly trip to the zoo, my colleague and I!

 Two toed sloth
 Red Vari

Komodo Dragon
 Baby Californian Sea Lion

 Drinking Giraffe
 Giraffe Family

 Male Lion
 Edible Garden

My favorite: the wolf
Snow Owl