Crocheted Scrunchies

My daughter asked me to crochet some scrunchies for her. Not that much work, I thought, so one evening, after she went to bed, I started crocheting. Turned out next morning that the scrunchies that I made weren't exactly the ones she had in mind. She meant scrunchies like the fabric ones: a tunnel with a piece of elastic in it. Luckily she liked mine much better, so I got away well. Not sure if they will be in use as hair bands or bracelets, though. Teenagers think in mysterious ways, isn't it?

How I made them:

Round 1: 40 sc around a regular hair elastic, close with a slip stitch in the first sc (40)

Round 2: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 2 dc in the same stitch, 3 dc in every sc of the previous round, close with a slip stitch in the chain stitch
Round 3: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 1 dc in the same stitch, 2 dc in every dc of the previous round,close with a slip stitch in the chain stitch
Round 4: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 1 dc in every dc of the previous round…

Learning How To Sew

Last week my daughter, twelve years old, asked me if I could teach her to sew. I really, really loved that question. We went to buy fabrics right away and started with the principles: pattern drawing and cutting fabric. After that we practiced a bit with the sewing machine. My daughter wanted to bring the new clothes to a sleep over party at her friend's house, to celebrate the end of the school year, so for now I did the rest and sewed all pieces together, but the next step will be for her to learn the actual sewing.

We made a tube top and two gym shorts.

For this top my daughter cut a rectangle of fabric, which I folded in two and stitched together at the bottom. After that I sewed a couple of tunnels and threaded elastic straps through the tunnels. Very simple, but just what my daughter wanted.

The shorts I made before, a couple of years ago. It's a free pattern by Purl Soho, for all ages. Not very difficult to make, so perfect if you want to learn sewing your own clothes.

Neo Herringbone Bag

A while ago I tried to knit the Herringbone Stitch, but it wasn't a success, really. I'm just not that much into knitting. So I was happily surprised when I saw this pattern with the same stitch, but for the crochet hook! Good news: you can make this bag in one day!

Pattern: Neo Herringbone Crochet Bag at Lakeside Loops (free pattern and instruction video)

Yarn: Tape by Zeeman


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Ming The Cat

Because we moved last summer, we also had to pick new schools for our daughers. My oldest would start at high school so had to change school anyway, but the youngest is still in elementary school. We found a school not far away from our house. She has a small class. at least much smaller than before, en has a great teacher. Very involved, intelligible, righteous and with an eye for what every child needs. My daughter totally loves her and asked me to make something for her to give on the last day of school. She asked her teacher what's her favorite animal (cat) and picked this cute design. Very nice to make!

Pattern: Ming The Cat from Amigurumi Treasures by Erinna Lee
Yarn: various colors by Katia

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Thanks, all!

Chill & Chunky Blanket

After not even a year of sleeping in her new, renovated room, my daughter is ready to make some changes. From gold and grey she now opts for powdery pink and old pink. The grey on the walls can stay, luckily, but all gold colored accessories definitely have to go out. My task is to make new covers for her pillows and a throw.

I started with the throw.

Yarn: Royal Old Pink by Zeeman

Pattern: Chill & Chunky Blanket from Koel Magazine Issue #6

The Meu Mundo Mandala from last week was featured by Creative Jewish Mom.