Teacher's Day

It's the end of the year again and that means Teacher's Day here in The Netherlands. Kids bring little presents to school for their teachers (and some don't) and they're playing games all day long. 
This year both my kids have teachers from the sporty and healthy type, so I baked banana breads without sugar in it (added the recipe) and bought coffee/tea mugs.

Cambridge, UK

My husband had to go to Cambridge, UK, this week to do some talking on a researchers congress and asked me to go with him. It was a while ago we went on a trip with just the two of us, so after changing some shifts at work I could go with him and booked a flight. 
Cambridge, as you may know, is a university town and mainly consists of colleges. It's the place where professor Stephen Hawking spend his last years, where Darwin and Newton studied (among lots of other famous scientists) and where Crick and Watson came up with the idea of the helix molecule structure of DNA. 
Cambridge isn't very large and I think most of the residents aren't students, but tourists. It's very crowded in the streets, sidewalks are full of slow walking people and to pass them you have to watch out very carefully, since cars drive on the left side of the road instead of right. Nonetheless, Cambridge is a friendly town with a lot of history and a lot of things to see.
On the first day we jus…

Market Bag

Maybe you remember that I gave a sort of crochet workshop for mothers of children from the same class as my daughter. We made market bags. After a year mine is totally worn out, so I made a new one this week.

Both my Mango/Cocos/Lime Ice Pops and Wooden Stars were featured by City of Creative Dreams this week! The Stars were also featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

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My Felt Toucan was featured by Tatertots and Jello, by Sew Can Do, by  and by Creative Jewish Mom!!

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French Knitted Flamingo

After knitting two names last week, I'm in a French/spool knitting flow and made this Flamingo!

Felt Toucan

When I saw this one, it was like I was back in Costa Rica right away, although it's quite some years ago that I was there. The green, the flowers, the animals; when I think of paradise and the variety of all creatures that must be living there, I think Costa Rica equals it the most. I couldn't wait to make it and as soon as the craft store opened and I was finally able to buy the supplies needed, I ran out the door. I finished this piece the same day.
Templates and instructions you can find here.

My French Knitted Names were featured by Creative Jewish Mom, by Sum of Their Stories, Oui Crochet and by Meet Our Life!

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