Pineapple Cupcakes

My youngest had her birthday this week and as usual she had to treat her class mates, so on her request I made cupcakes with pineapples.

Making cupcakes isn't something that I really like to do, mostly because the last couple of years I always had to make cupcakes for school, but as long as my daughters like it...

Alicia Alpaca

Next week my youngest daughter has her Birthday. She will be become nine years old and when I asked what she wants the most for her Birthday, she answered that she really wants to go to London for a couple of days, because she wants to see the Big Ben. Don't you love that?! I don't know how she got the idea, but I really like it. Making memories with the whole family is so much better than more and more and more stuff, just after Sinterklaas and Christmas. I don't even know what to give anymore. 
So, London it will be. But because we will not be in London yet on the Birthday itself, I want to give her a little present. The animal she likes the most at the moment is an alpaca, so I made one for her from the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau from Yan Schenkel. I also bought her a couple of books about London, to get in the mood.

Skull Candle

First things first: Happy New Year to you all! Let's hope it's a good one, without any fears.
Don't get me wrong: I like Christmas, specially the days before Christmas, but every year I'm glad it's over and everything is going back to normal. After this weekend school starts again and then finally I can start to clean up the house and make some things for my daughter's birthday in two weeks. Invitations for instance. 

For Christmas my daughter made a little candle in a jar at school. I so loved it, that I wanted to make one myself. With instructions from my daughter I bought fuse and pigment to color the wax. For my Birthday the same daugther had bought this skull glass and because I never drink from large glasses like this one, but still wanted to use it (of course, it was a present from my daughter!), I filled the glass with fuse and wax and made me a great candle!


This week the first Christmas Cake I made for the christmas breakfast at my husband's …

Christmas Cake 2

Yesterday we all, the whole family that is, went to my brother's house, to celebrate Christmas. I made another cake. I think this second one looks much better than the first one. 

Both my Christmas wreath and my Clay Ornaments were featured by Stacey Embracing Change!

Thanks, Stacey!

Presents Wrapping

When I was young my parents always rented a movie box when we were off from school for Christmas and we watched movies almost all vacation long. As a family we developed a collection of favorite movies in that vacations. Our all time favorite was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It still is one of my favorite movies ever.When I was about twenty the boyfriend I had then was a dj and made some records for Outland Records (a record store in Amsterdam). On one of the records he used a sample from the movie Close Encounters, as an ode to my family. That was and is how much we love that movie. 
For all time sake we thought it would be nice to do it all over this year. Christmas Eve will be the night we go to my brother and his wife to watch the movies of our youth with the whole family. We will all bring our favorite food to put on a grazing board, so none of us has a lot of work making food and such. We will eat while watching and in between the movies we will unpack Christmas presents…