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Summer Skirts

Just this week I made the first sewn items for this summer: two skirts for my daughters. Before, I didn't feel like sewing at all and it was only after purchasing Gertie's new sewing book, named Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, that I wanted to make her Sailor Shorts and bought not only fabric for the shorts but also for skirts for my daughters. They're just simple circle skirts, nothing difficult.
I will show you the shorts another time, because it's not finished yet. I will be on vacation next week, so let's hope I can wear it by then. I have three weeks off (officially, but I've been at home for almost three months now because of some knee surgery with chondropicking, so seas of free time lay behind me).
The first week of our holidays we will spend in our own country, near our NP Hoge Veluwe, so let's pray for nice weather (not something man can be sure about in The Netherlands).  The next two weeks we will go to my most favorite…

Dream Catcher

A friend of mine has a little life style shop and sells pretty feathers (among other stuff of course). I really wanted some, so I bought a couple for later use. On my way home I came along a house with five dream catchers behind the windows and although I think five is four too much, I had my idea for the feathers: crochet a dream catcher! I added some beads and here it is:

Made one for a friend's daughter, too.

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Animal Banners

My oldest loves flamingos and saw this on the internet, so I made her one.

And some other animals.

I found this idea here.


My Postcards with Wired Letters were featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Homework and by House of Hipsters this week!

Thank you, Sara, Carolyn and Kyla!

Crochet Frames for my Little Drawings

Sometimes I like to do some drawing. Not as much as I used to do in my younger years, but sometimes it's nice to pick up a pencil again. Mostly when my daughters are drawing and there is paper and pencils all around me. Today I made this. And crocheted some nice frames around them.


My Chameleon was featured this week by Oombawka Design.

Thank you very much, Rhondda!

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Make a Wish

Made a little baby present this week.

Wired Letters Postcards

In a local craftstore in my neighborhood I saw this colored wire a while ago and since I'm sort of a magpie when it comes to shiny things, I've asked myself what I could make from it ever since. Until I saw those wired quotes people buy to hang on their walls. Nice for postcards, too, I thought. And here they are.

And this one I made for Father's Day:

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Crowned Swan

Months ago I bought a soft blanket to make bunnies from for Easter, but besides named bunnies, I made a lot of other things from it. Like the crowned swan here below.
My Butterfly Garlands were featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

Thank you, Sara!

Crochet Chameleon

Last year we went on vacation to Lanzarote at the Canary Islands. My parents live there, so it wasn't the first time we went there. To be honest, we have seen almost everything a man can see there, so going to Lanzarote is just for family matters. But when we are there, we always go to Rancho Texas, the zoo. They're still expanding, zo there's always something new to see. Last year they had chameleons. I just love chameleons! Such extraordinary animals, with their rolled up tongue, their skin changing in all sorts of colors and their eyes rolling independently from each other.

Yep, this is the one.

This week I was in a craft store and found a little book with crochet patterns. One of the patterns was a chameleon and just for that pattern I bought the book (by Christel Krukkert, only in Dutch) and some yarn and started crocheting as soon as I was home. Here's the finished chameleon.


And, I found this beautiful, beautiful flower in my bac…

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Johnny & June

One of my al time favorite artists is Johnny Cash. My dad is big a fan, so I didn't hear much else since my early years and I guess that affected me. Great music! My dad was a sailor before he met my mother and brought his music from the US to our house in the Netherlands.
Another thing I love about Johnny Cash is his love for June Carter. Doesn't anybody want a love like that? So when I saw this quote pass somewhere on the internet, I had to use it.

Both my Swirly Cupcake and Crochet Hibiscus were featured by Creating my Way to Success.

Thank you, Jill!!