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Crochet Singlet

Earlier this week I showed you the Crochet Skirt I made for my oldest daughter and promised you to show the Crochet Singlet I made later, so here it is:

I used the triangle pattern again, that I used earlier for a Baby Toy, a Bag and a Garland (tutorial here), 

so I guess we can say this a very versatile pattern. The singlet is lined with pink jersey and embellished with small satin ribbons.

Raglan Shirt

A couple of week ago I got a large bag full of pieces of fabric from a colleague. Among lots of other nice pieces there were two pieces of jersey in white and fuchsia. I had a left over myself in green, so I put both pieces together and this is what I made of it:

Wanted #10

Happy Skirt!

Crochet Summer Skirt

After a very, very, VERY long winter spring is finally there, here in the Netherlands! Still a bit reluctantly, but it's not freezing cold anymore. Sooo, I thought: "Now is the time to make more summer clothes for my girls again!" (I already made the Zebra Skirt, but when the matching weather failed to appear I kind of got stuck). 
I'm really into crochet these last weeks and this crochet mood is still going strong, so what I made is a crochet skirt for my oldest and a singlet for my youngest. I will show you the singlet next time, but here is the skirt:

I didn't use a pattern, I just put together different motives and joined them together to form a skirt. The skirt is lined with white jersey.

Party Garland

Now that I'm in the mood for making party stuff I went on to crochet and made a garland of vanes in the same colors I used for the party invitations. I guess white, lime, yellow, turqoise and pink will be the color palet we will use for the party this year! 

Just like the flowers I used for the Party Invitations this also is a pattern I used before. 
For another garland (same pattern, different colors):

For a Baby Toy:

For a Girl's Bag:


Last week my Zebra Skirt was featured by  Fine Craft Guild!

Thank you, Rose!!

Wanted #9

WANTED Cute top!

Party Invitations

In august my oldest daughter will have her sixth birthday. Still months to go, I know, but when I have inspiration I have to make things right away, because when I put this projects off to a month before the birthday, I’m probably not in the mood to do them. So…, four months before the actual party will take place I finished the invitations!!! YAY!

I used this pattern for African Flowers before. 

For a dress

For Birthday Rosettes

And for a Pillow Cover:

You can find a tutorial for the flowers here!


This week my Pyramid Baby Toy is featured by the Sugar Aunts!

Thanks, Sugar Aunts!


I'm busy with a large project (baby blanket again, indeed), but since I can't concentrate on one and the same thing for a longer time because I get too bored doing the same thing over and over, I have to do some little projects in between. So... I made coasters. As some of you may remember I went to Istanbul a while ago and bought this beautiful, beautiful plate:

At first I didn't do anything with it. It just layed there in a cupboard. So first we painted our walls grey, because that matched a lot better with the plate than the terra cotta color we had before. Than I made some decoration in the same colors as the plate. And now I also made color matching coasters! YAY!

Wanted #8


Zebra Skirt

Last week I had a day off. Days before I ordered fabric so I could make a start with making summerclothes for my girls and this day off was the perfect day to make this lovely skirt. It's made of a ruffled skirt with a circle skirt underneath, to make it full and 'twirlable' ('cause every mother of girls knows that's what it's all about when it comes to skirts and dresses :-). It was just a try out, but I have to say that I'm quite happy with  the look of the skirt! And more important: my daughter just LOVES her Zebra Skirt!

Baby Pyramid Toy

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago I told you one of my best friends is expecting a baby. By now she knows it will be a girl! I already made a Lila Baby Blanket for her baby and today I finished this Baby Pyramid Toy. 

And yes, the ones who are following this blog for a while now, will recognize the granny triangles. I used this pattern before. 

To make vanes for a birthday party.

And to make this little bag.

You can find my tutorial for the triangles here

Wanted #7

WANTED Such a cute little purse!

Spring Tree

Don’t know how it is in your corner of the world, but here in the Netherlands winter is simply refusing to pack his bags, so it’s still freezing cold and it even snows in some parts of the country. I just can’t take it anymore, I want sun, flowers, colors, being outdoors!! To make all a little bit better, I made a Spring Tree today. I bought some tranches in the supermarket nearby and decorated it with crocheted flowers, paper flowers and butterflies. I’m really happy with the result! Feels like spring will come after all.

A pattern for the flowers you can find here!

Whole Tree

Crocheted and Paper Flowers



Carlee and Alyssa from Ladybird Ln featured my Summer Dress this week!

Thanks Carlee and Alyssa!