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Wanted #42

WANTED Gorgeous coat!

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Both my little daughters just LOVE the books of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by David McKee and want to have the colorful creature on their bedroom wall. It’s a very funny elephant indeed, so I painted him for them. It took some time, but I finished the two paintings yesterday! 

My oldest daughter is fascinated by the illustration where Elmer is looking down in the ravine, so although it isn't the most beautiful illustration in the book, I had to paint this one for her. 

My youngest loves colors, so I chose an illustration with lots of colors for her.


Two of my projects were featured this week, YAY! Misty of The Creative Itch featured my Snowflakes.

And Stephanie of Toastie Studio featured my Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet!

Thanks, Misty and Stephanie!!


Recently I painted our living room over in grey and white and since a lot of accessories don’t match those colors anymore, I’m busy making things to redecorate. Last year I bought this beautiful plate in Istanbul, but because it didn’t really look nice on the terracotta colored wall we had before, it laid in a kitchen cabinet until now.

To have more things in the same color combination I cross stitched this little home sign. 
The pattern for it I found at Kinkavel Krosses.

Vanessa of NiftyThrifty Things and Jill of A Round Tuit both have featured my Reindeer

Thank you very much, Vanessa and Jill!!

Wanted #41

WANTED Lovely Gypsy Top


For the same friend I made the potholders in my last post for, I also embroidered this little Matryoshka.

Glad to say my friend loved both, potholders as well as Matryoshka!
I changed the pattern a little bit, but the original pattern of the Matryoska I found at Oksana Plus Hobbies


This week Q of JAQS Studio featured my Snowflakes! 

Thank you, Q!

Sint & Piet



Tomorrow my friend has her birthday and along with a cooking book I want to give her a nice little self made  present, so I made these colorful potholders for her. I found the idea for the potholders here, at a blog called Haak en Smaak. You can find the pattern here
Natasha of Serenity You featured my X-mas Decoration

Thanks, Natasha!!

Wanted #40

WANTED Nice basic cardigan

X-mas Reindeer

Last week I saw this adorable reindeer at Bustle an Sewand I knew I had to have one myself! Mine is made of felt and attached to wood to make it easier to hang it on the wall.
You can find the pattern for this reindeer here!

X-mas Decoration

I just couldn’t help myself, I’m totally into making X-mas decorations at the moment, so I just finished this:

It's made of white cotton, a twig I found in the garden and some gray ribbon.  Again I found the pattern for this crocheted decoration at Le Blog de Anna.

Wanted #39

WANTED Very elegant blouse!

Snow White Snow Flakes

In between all the other projects I’m busy with (like painting my living room, crocheting a baby blanket for my expecting sister in law, crocheting pillow covers and a star mobile for the same sister in law, making Sinterklaas-decorations), I crocheted some snow white snowflakes for the X-mas tree. A nice little project, that only takes less than one hour per flake. Good for some variety. 

You can find the pattern I used  for the snow flakes at one of my favourite blogs of the moment: Le Blog de Anne
And Stephanie, of ToastieStudio, featured my Crochet Butterfly Application:

Thanks, Stephanie!

Living Room Make Over

We are making our living room over, from Spanish style, with lots of terra cotta colors and wooden furniture with black ironwork, to quiet grey and white. Last week I painted the walls and my husband is painting the furniture over. It looks great, if I may say so myself. And it always feels great to come home in a ‘new’ house, don’t you think? Due to this make over, I didn’t have time to do much crafting for my blog. However, I’m making new pillow covers to fit in our new living room:  

For this one I used my all time favorite bunting pattern (for a tutorial look here)

Besides that I’m working on decorations for my daughters school for the upcoming Sinterklaas parties, a children's holiday that’s tremendously celebrated here in The Netherlands. Lots of things to do, indeed.

Pam, of Threading my Way, featured my Crochet Butterfly Application: 

And Justine of Sew Country Chick featured my Sugar Skull!

Thanks, Pam and Justine!

Wanted #38

WANTED Sweetheart Lip Balm!