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In the summer vacation of 2016 I made my first mochila. That first one was just to practice and now that we're a year further, I think my mochila making skills are improved a little bit. In this year some people asked me to make a bag for them, too. The best assignment was the one from a boots and bags shop owner, who asked me to make two bags for her, in exchange for a couple of boots at choice. No cheap boots to find in her shop, so I considered it a great deal when she let me choose some beautiful Tony Lama boots. I still love them.

This month I made another mochila. I love the colors of these boots, so I chose the same colors for the bag. 

My Crocheted Birthday Cake was featured by Sew Can Do!

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And my Peacock Feathers Mochila was featured by The Linky Ladies!

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Howling at the Moon

My husband has cleaned up his shed with tools and machines and found two boxes of mine. They were filled with craft supplies and unfinished projects. Most of it was useless, broken or incomplete, but one of the things in the boxes was an unfinished cross stitch netting to make a pillow with. It had a picture of two cats on a roof, looking at the moon, on it. I didn't even knew I still had that netting but when I saw it, I did remember when and why I bought it. 

Some years ago I had two cats, one totally black, the other one totally white, exactly as on the netting. I still have the white one, Ronnie, who is fifteen years old now. The black one, Sjakie, died more than six years ago.  I don't like cross stitch pillows at all, but bought it just because of the cats. And when I saw it again, I just wanted to finish the cross stitching. But..., what can I do with it, except for making a pillow? Suggestions, anyone?

My Party Invitations were feature…

Made It! #30

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make a recipe of my boards every week. Since I have lots of recipes pinned (that, until now, I just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards ~
The semifreddo was a hit! Delicious because of the strawberries, and it has a bite because of the pieces of white chocolate and pistachios. And not even that much work to make! Really a keeper for summer.

A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine came over to eat diner with us and as a present one of them took a bread pudding. I hadn't eat bread pudding in years, but it was so delicious that I decided to make one more often.  Today I bought blueberries and because they're a bit sour, I want to use them in a Blueberrie Bread Pudding. I will use this recipe for it. Tell you the result next week!

Party Shirt

We're still in the Tenth Birthday with Cat Theme-modus, so here's the next project I made for my daughter's birthday: the Party Sweater. Bunting and a cat, that should be pass for festive, what do you think?
I bought a not so expensive sweater, cut the cat and the bunting out of iron on flocked textile transfer and ironed it on the shirt. Easy as that.


The Peacock Feathers Mochila I made just before I went on vacation is featured by Scrapality and by Oui Crochet!!

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Party Invitations

Cat Theme Birthday Party... do you remember? Of course the invitations had to have a cat somewhere on it, too. I looked for something original and found wire cat pendants, so I made this.
I found this idea on Pinterest.


While I was on vacation some of the things I made in the last year, were featured by Creative Jewish Mom. So nice to see old projects! Like the bunting. As it was used only for a party, I almost forgot about the bunting.

Half Lotus Bunting

Mochila On Request

Crocheted Lanterns

And one other thing that was featured while I was on vacation:

The Boho Bag, featured by Creating My Way to Success!

Made It! #29

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make a recipe of my boards every week. Since I have lots of recipes pinned (that, until now, I just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards
Before we went off to celebrate summer at De Veluwe, I had plans to bake the Apple Roses below in the oven of the house we rented, but since there wasn't any oven in the house I had to postpone my plan until we came back. So this week I baked Apple Roses. 
I sliced the apple parts a tiny bit too thick, so after folding them in the pastry, I couldn't bend the whole thing. I solved this by baking the slices seperately for a couple of minutes, to make them soft. After that, rolling the pastry with the apple slices in between was way easier.
Next week I would like to make a semifreddo, that I found first in a magazine and then the same day on Pinterest. We didn't have much of a sunny summer around this part of t…

Birthday Cake

This month my oldest daughter will become ten.

Ten years old!! How did this happen?! Last week she was still a baby! 
Anyway, as is my custom I love to make some of her presents myself and because I just had a three week vacation, I had lots of time to make some things for her (although I also took a lot of time to read this weeks off, because reading is what I love the most; I just don't have enough time).
The first thing I made for her is a crocheted birthday cake inspired by Katharine Sabbath. The 'theme' my daughter chose for her birthday is 'Cats', so this little cake hasn't anything to do with that, it's just for fun.
I got this idea here and here.

Travels: De Veluwe, The Netherlands

We just came back from our vacation. We didn't go far, because after a couple of years with around 40 degrees Celsius in countries around the Mediterranean, we learned our lesson. With temperatures that high the only thing I can do is sit in a chair, drink cold drinks and walk to and from a swimming pool. Of course everybody has its own favorite holiday highlights, and that's totally okay, but mine isn't sitting in a chair. I want to see and do things. So in spring we travel to the Mediterranean and in summer we stay in our own country nowadays. And because The Netherlands isn't that big (about 300 x 200 kilometers) we only had one hour to drive to reach our destination. We were staying in a holiday home in an area called De Veluwe, the most woody region of the Netherlands.
The weather wasn't great, most of the days we had gray clouds the whole day through, but the temperature was fine and as long as it wasn't raining we could do whatever we wanted to do. Exce…


As told last week, I crocheted along with some mothers I know from school and the class my daughter is attending. We made lanterns and after making these two, I wanted to make more, so I made this one.

I found this pattern at Wolplein.