Souvenirs and Speculaas

Of course I brought some souvenirs from Bruges. There are a lot of artisanal shops around town, most of them making chocolates. In one of the many little narrow streets I found the most adorable bakery, that sold not only my favorite Dutch pastry called 'speculaas', but also the moulds to make speculaaspop-cookies. 

I saw the same moulds a couple of weeks ago in another store, in a Dutch open air museum, but then didn't buy them and have regretted it ever since, so this time I bought them right away. And now I'm going to share the recipe for speculaas with you. I know, it isn't really the season for speculaas yet, because people normally eat speculaas in autumn and winter around here (that's The Netherlands), but now that I finally have the moulds I want to try them immediately, of course!

What you need: 
* 200 grams flower
* 100 grams butter
* 150 grams dark sugar
* 150 cc water
* little salt
* 20 grams speculaas spices (a mix of cinnamon, ginger, white pepper and nutmeg)

Preheat oven at 175 degrees Celsius (374 degrees Fahrenheit). Mix all ingredients together and knead to a firm ball of dough. 

Press dough flat on the baking tin with bakery paper in between, thickness has to be 1/2 inch. Or if you have moulds (as I do have now, YAY!!) do as beneath:

Sprinkle a bit of flower in the moulds and press dough in mould. Knock mould to worktop to release dough from mould.

Cut away the residues.

Lay the speculaaspoppen on bakery paper on baking tin and bake for about 25 minutes. 

That's all! Bon appetit!


  1. ha ha this is real ducth

    hugs jenneke

  2. I'd love to make these...just can't read your recipe..:)
    over from Eliz & co

    1. You can find a converter for the amounts on the internet, I guess. I think the taste of speculaas is something like ginger cookies.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I'm pretty much a fan of anything loaded with spices! Yum! Those cookie molds are so fabulous! Did you know that you are a "no-reply" blogger?

    1. Yes, me too! Can't wait for autumn and make pumpkin spice latte again (in the summer spices just don't taste that good as they do when it's cold, don't you think?)!

  4. Visiting from Rock n' Share. Thanks for the recipe - my husband has been asking me for speculaas and I honestly have no idea what it is. We are also sweet tooths, so this recipe would be a good surprise for hubby's upcoming birthday! Pinned!

    1. Great idea to make this for your husband's birthday! Is your husband Dutch (because speculaas is a typical Dutch pastry) or does he just want to try it?

  5. I just followed your link from Between Naps on the Porch and wanted to invite you to participate in my monthly party for Patisserie Tuesdays. It is all about the sweet side of our kitchens and nothing fancy is required just yummy and sweet, even candy, ice cream, cookies and well your only limited by your imagination :D Here is the link to the first party I hosted so you can take a look if you like
    would love to see you participate!
    Beth P

    1. Thank you so much for inviting me, Beth! I just linked up my recipe!

  6. These are awesome! I'm going to keep a look out for these type of things as I have seen them a yard sales. I'd love to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing it with us in the Bowdabra Crafty Showcase!

    Susie @Bowdabra


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