Circle Skirt

As I told you in my last post I ordered new fabric for a circle skirt and here it is:

There's no way of showing a circle skirt in a flattering way, except by wearing it, but I prefer to not use any pictures of me and my family on this blog. Just the cats. But if you want an impression of what I  look like, see my profile illustration. My hair is a little bit shorter and the color is a bit more dark blond, but besides that I look pretty much the same. Oh, and of course my waist isn't just 5 inches. It's 6.


  1. :) That last line really made me smile. Indeed - I like to think mine is six as well (if only!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks for linking up at the party.

  3. I really really need to try and make one myself! They are so flattering!


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