Birthday Treats

As you may know by now, after reading the last four or five posts, soon it will be my daughter's birthday and today we could make an agreement about the treat. Since she is a bit into Cookie Monster these days, I proposed to make little bags full of different cookies, with the Cook Monster's face on it. I was glad to hear she liked the idea, because it's not that much work to make for her 35(!) class mates. Just fill up the bags, stick the Monster's face on it, tie a blue string through the bag to close it and... ready!

So simple, but I love it. Even better: my daughter loves it!!

I found the Cookie Monster printables here!


Carolyn from Carolyn's Homework and Claire Justine featured my Birthday Crown this week!!

Thank you so much, Carolyn and Claire Justine! Love it!


  1. What a cute idea. My kids are too old for having to take treats in to school now, if I could travel back in time with this idea I would!

  2. That is such a great idea. Unfortunately, since my kids have left our school district has banned birthday treats. They claim they take away from instruction time and are not healthy. So sad.

  3. Adorable! Just popping by to let you know that craft schooling Sunday is back, and hope to see you there!

  4. Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, love that birthday crown too!

  5. simple, easy and inexpensive plus you get cookies!! Gotta love it, thanks for sharing this great idea!


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