Passiflora and Butterflies

Vacation is still going on. We are hiring a little house on the other side of the country and while playing tourist we have visited a lot of attractions. One of them was a butterfly garden, that we actually visited last year already, but found so beautiful that we wanted to see it again. 

Here are some pictures:

Showing us all fases from caterpillar to butterflies, we also had to watch those beauties:

Unbelievable they can change into this:

Or this one. It's a moth (a comet moth from Madagascar), but isn't this the most beautiful butterfly you have ever seen? 

After walking through five butterfly gardens we were led to the passiflora gardens.

But as you may understand the moth was by far the most beautiful thing I saw in the butterfly gardens. Such an extraordinary creature. Wow.


  1. That is wonderful! The caterpillar with green, black and orange used to sit on our carrots in the garden, when I was a child. It became a gorgeous 'Koninginnepage' or 'swallowtail'. The comet moth is indeed very special, especially the long 'tails' on his wings. Nice pictures!

    1. I didn't know that caterpillar is the koninginnepage. It sat in the european butterflies garden (they had five different butterfly gardens), but there was just one koninginnepage flying around. Unfortunately it didn't let me capture it in a picture.
      My mother also had a vegetable garden when I was a child, but she only had the fat ugly green caterpillars, creeping around in the 'boerenkool'.

  2. I'm from Belgium, Europe, so that should be correct, about the European Butterflies Garden.
    Hahaha, the big fat ugly green ones I remember too ;-)

    1. Dus we kunnen voortaan wel gewoon in het Nederlands converseren :-)!

  3. Did you do the photography? These creatures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing at the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party - and don't forget to leave a comment – if you comment and your post is featured next week, it will also get pinned and tweeted!

  4. So pretty - Thank you for the opportunity to see such beauties!

  5. Beautiful photos, down here in the south we are lucky enough have our own passion flower vines, red and purple variety that attract the butterflies.

  6. Such beautiful butterflies! And the passiflora too! I take passiflora every evening to help me sleep. It is a wonderful herb. Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

  7. Lovely photos, Liz! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation. We used to visit a Butterfly House in Niagara, Canada and I just loved it. There's something so amazing about caterpillars and butterflies. Love the passiflora too. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Hop.


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