Made It! #4

~I love Pinterest and would like to make one thing that I,ve found on Pinterest every week. Since I have a lot of pins, that I've just pinned and only that, I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards. It can be anything, from cooking to crochet and from sewing to paper crafts. Just small projects that don't take weeks to make~ 

Last week I told you about the left over of almond meal I found in my pantry and the Orange Almond Cake I wanted to make with it. So here it is! Because I didn't have enough almond meal I just cut all ingredients in half (1 orange instead of 2, 150 grams of almond meal etc), but the cake came out perfect anyway.
The cake was delicious and made me totally think of Spain and all their great dishes! So, I bought more almond meal and promise you to use it before it's overdue this time.


For next week I'm going to make a new scrub. I always make my own face scrub with cocos oil (great moisturizer and helps against inflammation, thus pimples), sugar (great scrub) and essential oils (nice smell). I have some lemon grass essential oil left over and found this scrub on Pinterest, that hopefully smells as great as it sounds. You will hear it from me next week.


  1. I love almond cake and I can imagine it being even better with orange flavor! Yummy and so healthy! Thank you for stopping by to party at Sweet Inspiration!

  2. This makes me think of a Greek cake I had years ago. It sounds very yummy!

  3. There's a version of this from Nigella Lawson that I'm thinking of making this week! It looks so good!

  4. You've found some great things on Pinterest! Love your cake - it looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul, Liz.

  5. This sounds amazing! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  6. Good for you for putting those pins to use. The cake sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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