Travels: Texel, The Netherlands

 Last week I went to the small island of Texel, The Netherlands, with my oldest daughter. Just some one on one attention. I think every kid needs it. I know I did, when I was a child. 

We went to the little town of Den Burg. My daughter wanted to shop for crystals, which is totally hot at the moment, as I have to believe my daughter (14yo). In our last vacation, this summer, we also visited all crystal shops in the neighborhoods of our vacation homes, so I already new of this new trend.
Surprisingly this little town has two crystal shops, so my daughter had a great day. I myself was on the hunt for nice things for our living room, but I couldn't find anything that I didn't have already. Just bought candles and another vegetarian cookbook.

We also visited Ecomare, a sanctuary for seals. Texel is an island in the Wadden Sea, which houses a lot of seals. When weakened or injured seals are taken to Ecomare to let them get their strength and free them afterwards. 

Some of the seals have a permanent home in Ecomare, as some seals are blind or miss their teeth. It's a great place to find out which creatures are to be found in the Wadden Sea and to see seals from up close. Two sorts of seals live in the Wadden Sea, the common seal and the grey seal.

The one above, with the longer snout, is a grey seal. The one below is a common seal. It's a permanent resident of Ecomare and totally blind.

And look at these adorable baby seals! 

Beside the seals you can visit the Wadden Sea Aquarium and a sea bird sanctuary in Ecomare.

We also walked around in the National Park Duinen van Texel (Dunes of Texel) to see the marshes and to my surprise found a 'plaggenhut' (sod hut) along the way. As you may remember I was a bit obsessed by sod huts after our last vacation, as I found it hard to believe people lived in houses like this far into the fifties of the last century. But here stood one again, called a 'zooien huus', which I think must be Texel's dialect for plaggenhut. Not exactly the same as the plaggenhut on the mainland, because on Texel lots of drift wood was available.

So, if you ever are in The Netherlands and you have time on your hand, Texel is a great place to visit. I can really recommend this place.


  1. Seals are so cute and smart! Good that you had one on one time with your daughter!

  2. I've not heard of Texel but now I have added it to my things to do on next visit!

  3. Those baby seals are so cute! Sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful day exploring.

  4. Those seals are so gorgeous!! And yes, kids need undivided attention, and it gets harder to give it to them...either due to the demands of the many or they close off and don't want it. But always be pushing for it. #Inspriememonday

  5. Enjoyed reading your post.We are visiting the Netherlands next April for the first time. Will visit more typical tourist areas and take a river cruise. Looking forward to Utrecht afterwards where my husband’s famous ancestor is from — an admiral who beat the Spanish Armada in the 1500’s.

  6. Lovely photos, especially the shrimp and the flounder hiding in the stones. I wonder how many caught that...the camouflage is so perfect! I would love to visit there...very lovely post! Sandi

  7. Your travel photos are lovely--especially the adorable seal! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. Looks like such a wonderful getaway!! Thanks for sharing all your photos - but those seals are just too cute!! Visit a seal sanctuary - now on my bucket list!


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