Birthday Cupcakes

In august my oldest will turn 6! Wow, 6 already, I can't believe it! In a couple of days she will have vacation and after the summer she will go to elementary school. New class, new kids. She really would love to treat her old school mates to a birthday cupcake before they all leave for  summer vacation, so I baked this pink and yellow cupcakes for her. This is just the try out; if she likes it, this will be The Treat.


  1. They turned out really lovely! My birthday is next week and I'd be pleased as punch to have pretty cuppies like this to help celebrate the day (as things stand at the moment though, I keep going back and forth between baking a cheesecake or roasting marshmallows and making s'mores down at the beach - or, who knows, maybe I'll do both :)).

    Happy early birthday wishes to your dear daughter!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Hope you have a wonderful birthday next week with maybe a nice vintage item (or two) as a gift! Thanks for visiting!


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