Gertie's Pencil Skirt

At the beginning of the summer I planned to sew a lot of clothes for myself, especially clothes of Gertie's Book, but in the end I only had time to make the Peter Pan Blouse. However, at least once a day I think about the book and the great clothes in it, and with some days off from work I finally had the time to make the Pencil Skirt! So I bought antracite elastic silk, yarn, a button and a zipper and made the skirt.

I'm not entirely content with the result, because apparently I've lost some weight again, so although I already made it two sizes smaller (with Gertie's Peter Pan Blouse I overestimated my size also and made it two sizes too big), it's still a bit wide at the waist. Apparently the eating more fruit and vegetables, less potatoes and bread, but an even amount of chocolate of the last two months has lead to weight loss. Size 6/size 38, good for me! 

But although the skirt is nonetheless wearable, I consider this skirt just as a try out, a muslin so to say, and ordered new fabric already for a better fitting one. Green silk this time! 'Cause you all know how I love green.


This week my Homemade Hazelnut Chocolate Spread was featured by Be Betsy!

Thanks,  Sharon and Denise!!


And..., there was another feature! My bunting was featured by The Life of Jennifer Dawn and by Emmy Lane!

Thanks, Jennifer and Lindsey!


  1. Your skirt looks great, even if you didn't get it exactly the way you wanted it. I have so many sewing "experiments" hanging around in my craft room. I always end up making things too small... aaah! Sewing is hard!

    1. It was a good exercise for making the next one, haha!


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