Ibiza Style: Crocheted Bolster

After making the before shown Ibiza Style Bikini, Bracelets and Barefoot Sandals, I'm totally into Ibiza Style. Not to wear it, because it's not a style I like for myself, but to make it. Because there's a lot of crochet involved in the style, the inspiration is endless and I'm working on four different items at the moment.  Every time I start a new Ibiza Style project, I see something else and I can't wait until the former project is finished.

I really like it to make something different, just to expose it on this blog. I'm planning to fill up this whole month of blog posts with Ibiza Style stuff. Just my luck we still have great, sunny weather here, in The Netherlands, what makes posts like this more appropriate. Who wants to see Ibiza stuff when it snows, after all. So if you absolutely hate everything to do with Ibiza, or if it snows in your part of the world, than you better can skip this month's posts.

I made a great Bolster, for which I found the inspiration on the internet (here, to be exactly). I altered it a bit, so at least one Ibiza Style creation matches my personal style. The bolster fits right in with my other pillows and cushions, so this creation will stay. Even thinking about making more of this bolsters.


  1. I love this! Great colors and I love the triangle pattern.

  2. Love the colors and the cute tassel. Glad to find your blog via Hookin' on Hump Day.

  3. I love this! Is there a pattern for it?

  4. Love it, keep the Ibiza style coming! And thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  5. Thanks for sharing your Ibiza style projects with us at Make It Monday! We appreciate crafts from all over the globe....

  6. I have been following your Ibiza style projects. This is one is quite lovely! I saw it at Make It Monday and had to come over to see it.

  7. You do such nice work. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I've pinned you post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.


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