Saturday, July 15, 2017

Birthday Card

My oldest daughter will turn ten in just a couple of weeks, but before it's her turn, all her friends will have birthdays first. So today I made a birthday card for her friend.

I found this idea here


Thank you, Sara and Laurie!

The Compliments Bouquet was featured by A Mama's Tale

Thank you very much, Brittany!


  1. What a cute card! Great idea. :)

  2. Such a fun card design. So creative!

  3. Such a pretty card. Handmade is always better too. Happy 10th to your daughter! #merrymonday

  4. That's a sweet card. I like that it has a real pop up card effect without having overly complicated folding or construction. Thanks for sharing this idea with us at this weeks #HandmadeMonday


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