Made It! #37

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make a recipe of my boards every week. Since I have lots of recipes pinned (that, until now, I just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards ~

So simple to make and so totally tasting like fall, that's the Chestnut Soup I made this week! I didn't follow the recipe entirely, to be honest. I left out the mushrooms, because except for me no one in my family and/or circle of friends likes mushrooms. To make the soup creamy I put some creme fraiche in it at the end.
  Instead of thyme I used sage, because sage is just a herb I really love and it has an evenly strong taste as thyme. 
For the cooked chestnuts I used chestnut puree, just because cooked chestnuts were nowhere to be found in the little underdeveloped town I live in. 

As this was the first time ever I ate Chestnut Soup I can't tell you if my own version of the soup tasted as good as the original recipe, but never mind: I think it is a great soup and the taste is just what I was hoping for as a starter of a totally fall inspired diner.


Next week I will tell you about the Corn Bread that I had for ages on my Pinterest Boards and seemed to go along with Chestnut Soup so great! 


  1. I've never tried chestnu soup before. It sounds really interesting. Mmmmmm I wonder if I can find any puree here in South Africa to try out

  2. I have never heard of chestnut soup. So interesting and fun for fall! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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