Zaansche Schans

Last week both my daughters had a day off from school. One of many in a year, as I have told here before. Besides five vacations, variable from 1 to 6 weeks and different holidays like King's Day, the also have around five or six days off when teachers have meetings or seminars. Most of the time my days off from work aren't tuned synchronously with their days off. aren't synchronously at all, so I have to look for someone who can look after them, but last friday we had a day off all together en we went to the Zaansche Schans. The Zaansche Schans is typical Dutch landscape with mills, cows, wooden shoes and the best: the old fashioned Sweets Store. Here are some pictures. 


  1. I loved our visit to this lovely spot, and especially taking the boat across the river and exploring the town on the other side, a very memorable day trip from Amsterdam! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day off from school and work!

  3. This is just a lovely post. Your gorgeous photo of the windmills drew me in. Love all the photos and content. I'm from TFT....thanks for the fun trip! Sandi

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty

  5. Your photos are so clear and beautiful. I love the blue sky and it seems like typical Dutch landscapes that I would like to come and experience.
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