Easter Eggs

Normally I don't really decorate my house for Easter, but because there will be a brunch at our house for my family I thought the house will look nicer when there's something on the table that has to do with Easter (besides our own Flemish Giant Haasje of course, who's the best Easter Bunny ever!). 

So I bought paper eggs, paint, real eggs and pheasant feathers. The real eggs came in a carton box and the box was what I needed (well, I could use the eggs, too, but not for this decoration project). 

Painted the eggs and let them dry
Covered the eggs in Modpodge
Sticked the feathers to it
Covered eggs and feathers again in Modpodge
Put the eggs in the carton box
Arranged them on a serving plate with daffodils, a bunny and the rest of the feathers.

I found this idea here


  1. How lovely to see your beautiful rabbit, thanks. The eggs are lovely and so simple too.

  2. Very cute! I saved a carton as well. I want to plant some herbs in eggs and display them in the egg carton. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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