Made It #10

~Since I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from the pinned items, I've set myself a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload~

The recipe I planned to try this week was a really easy one. Grilled cheese sandwich baked in a frying pan instead of a sandwich maker. The trick to make them golden brown is to smear mayonaise on the outside of the sandwich before baking. 


For next week I have in my mind to make a Rice Cake. I live in The Netherlands and this very small country is divided in different districts called provincies. One of the provincies, that in my opinion is very far away from where I live (it's about 300km, but it's about context, you know; 300km is literally the other side of the country), is Limburg. A specialty of Limburg is a cake named 'vlaai' (sounds a bit like 'fly') and the very best vlaai is the rijstevlaai, which is a cake bottom filled with dessert rice.  The Rice Cake I want to make is without a bottom, so I'm wondering...


  1. Interesting idea. I've read it before, but never tried it.

  2. Oh, my husband is going to love this! :)

  3. I know! Since I started blogging, I have found so many recipes that I want to try. So many delicious stuff out there to make and so little time!! Lol 😂 Wow, this looks delicious and so easy to make! Can you use butter instead of mayonnaise?

    Maureen |

    1. I guess you can, but the thing that give the sandwiches their delicious looking color is the mayonaise, because it spreads better than butter and because the smoking temperature is higher than butter, so the sandwich doesn't burn that fast. Also it's the eggs in the mayo makes that the taste of the sandwich is creamier. At least that's what the recipe says about why mayonaise is much better than butter.

  4. My oldest son uses mayonnaise on his grilled sandwiches but my younger two are grossed out by the idea. I tend to forget about the grilled cheese and end up nearly burning mine! LOL.

  5. I always do our grilled cheese in a frying pan. Hubby taught me to open it up right after you take it off the stove and add a thin layer of jam. Sounds terrible, but it is so yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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