Nuestra Senora

In my Pinterest feed I got some pins of crocheted 'Nuestra Senoras'. They made me think of a trip to the Spanish Island of Lanzarote, belonging to the Canary Islands, a couple of years ago. We were there in the week of Semana Santa, the week between the last sunday before Easter (Dominica in Palmis) and Easter itself, because we wanted to visit one of the processions in the capital of the island, Arrecife. Like the rest of Spain the Canary Islands are mostly Catholic, so religious days are celebrated with a lot of pageantry.
The most beautiful statue that was carried around was of the Virgin de los Dolores, also called Virgin the Los Volcanes, who is the patron of the island. Volcanoes are found everywhere on the island, all Canary Island are volcanic.

This is what the 'real' Virgin de los Dolores really looks like. Normally the statue can be found in the charming little white church of Mancha Blanca, a small village on the island.

The pins didn't come with patterns, so I made this one up myself, but I found this idea here.


  1. What a special piece! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  2. What a beautiful, meaningful craft, Liz! Your Nuestra Senora is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party!


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