Made It #12

This week I made the French Cheese Soup with Croutons. We all like cheese around my house, but making soup with cheese is something different. It wasn't all oohs and aahs. I was the only one who liked it, although it tastes much like Cheese Fondue. My husband and children don't like Cheese Fondue either, so that makes sense. Anyway, this recipe didn't make the 'To Keep-list'. 

The little Garlic Bread Wheels that I made to go with the soup were a total hit on the other hand. And so simple to make! 

What you need:
Cressent Dough
Garlic, grated

What to do:
Melt the butter
Add garlic
Smear garlic butter on dough
Roll up dough
Bake in oven until golden brown


Next week I would like to make this delicious looking Snack Mix, as seen at Martha Stewart. Perfect for our family movie night. 
On Pinterest I see lots of snack mixes come along, but here in The Netherlands folks aren't really familiar with this phenomenon. People just buy snacks and put them in bowls separately, sometimes with some sauce to dip, but that's about it. Mixing snacks and seasoning them sounds really interesting. And yummie. Especially that. 


  1. The soup looks so yum, my son would complete that in no time..


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