Made It #20

Last week I couldn't post the intended recipe of the Stir Fried Thai Style Tofu, because of a flash visit to Menora, so you I owed you this one. 

I made the dish exactly as was told in the recipe and although I love Thai food because of all the different flavours, this curry was just bland. Didn't make it to the to keep-list. 


A couple of weeks ago I bought molds for ice pops and now that it's hot most of the days here in The Netherlands, I'm on the search for ice pop recipes. I think ice pops are a great way to make my daughters eat fruit, so let's start with those Mango/Coconut/Lime Pops


  1. The curry looks so yummy, I'm going to have to make some. :-)

  2. I'm sorry you didn't love the stir fry. It does look amazing! LOVE the ice pops. Mango, coconut and lime sounds like a delicious combination for summer. Thanks so much for sharing with as at Whimsical Wednesdays Link Party!


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