Tutti Frutti

My sister gave me two pots of tutti frutti yesterday and that brings back sweet memories… My dearest grandmother, who isn’t among us anymore, made the most delicious desert ever with it: custard with tutti frutti. Of course my grandmother didn’t use frutti from a pot, what do you think, but she bought dried frutti and let it soak overnight in water with sugar (if you have time, you should try this; it taste so much better than the instant variety).

What you need:
50 grams custard
65 gram sugar
1 liter milk
1 vanillia pod
tutti frutti

Drain the tutti frutti.

Put sugar and custard together and stir. Scrape the little seeds from the vanillia pod and add to the custard. Add six spoons of the milk to the custard and stir until smooth. Heat the remaining milk and add the custard while stirring the milk until boiling. Let it boil for three minutes. Serve with the frutti. Yummy!


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