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Ming The Cat

Because we moved last summer, we also had to pick new schools for our daughers. My oldest would start at high school so had to change school anyway, but the youngest is still in elementary school. We found a school not far away from our house. She has a small class. at least much smaller than before, en has a great teacher. Very involved, intelligible, righteous and with an eye for what every child needs. My daughter totally loves her and asked me to make something for her to give on the last day of school. She asked her teacher what's her favorite animal (cat) and picked this cute design. Very nice to make! Pattern: Ming The Cat from Amigurumi Treasures by Erinna Lee Yarn: various colors by Katia ~*~ My Chill & Chunky Blanket was featured by Scrapality this week! The Meu Mundo Mandala was featured this week at The Linky Ladies Community Link Party Thanks, all!

Chill & Chunky Blanket

After not even a year of sleeping in her new, renovated room, my daughter is ready to make some changes. From gold and grey she now opts for powdery pink and old pink. The grey on the walls can stay, luckily, but all gold colored accessories definitely have to go out. My task is to make new covers for her pillows and a throw. I started with the throw. Yarn: Royal Old Pink by Zeeman Pattern: Chill & Chunky Blanket from Koel Magazine Issue #6 ~*~ The Meu Mundo Mandala from last week was featured by Creative Jewish Mom.

Meu Mundo Mandala

Now that I've picked up my crochet hook again, I found out that what I like making the most at the moment is things for the house. I started this large (as in a 1 meter diameter) mandala a couple of weeks ago. I finished it yesterday and although I really like the pattern in itself, I have doubts about the colors I used. I like natural colors and brown is the most natural of all, I guess, but somehow I don't really like the outcome, at least not for my home I mean. I used Caramel Core Blimey by Scheepjes and my mouth watered by the sound of it. Maybe that's why I wanted to use that color so readily, because of the caramel. The intention was to hang the mandala in the living room above the piano, as soon as the walls are plastered, but I think I'm going to sell it and make another mandala in another color. What do you think? In the first picture shows better what the colors are, the second shows the pattern better. Yarn: Caramel Core Blimey by Scheepjes Pattern by: Meu

Vegetarian Sushi Poke Bowl

 Yesterday I saw what seemed to be a delicious dish on a picture and I could almost taste it on my tongue. It looked like a Poke Bowl Sushi Style.Today I couldn't wait to rush to the supermarket to buy what I thought was in the recipe.I'm a vegetarian, so I had to change some of the ingredients, but that made it even better. We just finished eating it and it was great, so I have to share it with you. Sushi Poke Bowl Ingredients for two persons 2 cups or rice (I used Pandan) 1 avocado 1/4 cucumber mayonaise wasabi soy sauce 3 eggs 2 tbsp sugar salt sesame seeds  Cook the rice as instructed on the package. Make the tamagoyaki (sweet omelet) by mixing 3 eggs, 2 tbsp sugar with some salt and soy sauce to taste. Bake two thin omelets, roll up and cut to slices.  Cut thin slices of the avocado, cut the cucumber in slices and the slices in quarters. Roast the sesame seeds for a short time.  Mix the cooked rice with wasabi, mayonaise and soy sauce t