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Everybody Loves Haasje

Since almost a year we have a Flemish Giant, which is a very large bunny (large as in about 80cm head to tail). Although he's a bunny, his name is Haasje, which means Little Hare. My five year old has given him that name. She got him for her birthday, but of course mom's the one who takes cares of him. Not that I complain, 'cause honestly,  I'm mad about the animal. Didn't know I would say this about a bunny ever, but he's just great.
Luckily my youngest loves him, too, since she is 'the owner' and that's why everything has to be bunny. From clothes to stuffed animals to socks to decoration. So when she needed a hat it had to be a bunny hat, preferable a French Lop Hat ( a French Lop is a bunny with loosely hanging ears). I made this:

The pattern I found here.

Metal Wire Stars

A very simple ornament to make for your tree:

Drive five small nails in a piece of wood
Wind metal wire around them in a star form
Take of the star from the nails.
Wind metal wire around the star to keep wire in place
Hang from a piece of ribbon
That's it!

Wanted #48


Knit Dragon Wing Cowl

A couple of weeks ago I came along a beautiful, thick yarn, but because I didn't know what I could make from it, I didn't buy it then. Last week I bought a sweater with a very wide neck. Looked nice, but made me feel really cold. A cowl seemed the answer and that's when the yarn popped up in my mind. Bought it and made this Dragon Wing Cowl with it, a pattern I found on Pinterest. The yarn matched the design of the cowl perfectly! I like the original a bit more, because it's more winglike, but for some reason mine worked out differently.
You can find the pattern here!

Crochet Tree Ornaments

This year I chose for an alternative tree. A flat one, against the wall, that doesn't take too much space. To decorate I used a lot of ornaments I already had from other years, but I made a lot of new ones, too. Today I show you the crocheted ones.

Ball (made up myself, just increase and decrease)

Star (pattern to find here)

Icicles (pattern to find here)

Tree (made up by me)

Another tree (pattern to find here)

And another star (made up myself)

Wanted #47


Another Pair of Leg Warmers

And as it usually goes: when I make something for one daughter, the other one wants the same. So another pair of leg warmers had to be made. 
The yarn comes from the same nothing-to-do-with-anything-crafty store as the yarn for the leg warmers I made before. My oldest daughter doesn't like pink at all, even hates it, as she says, which left me with just one other color choice and that's the one you see here. Glad she liked it.
This week my Paper Cut Winter Scene was featured by Sew Can Do and by Creating My Way to Success!

Thanks, Cheryl and Jill!! 

My Star Tea Light Holder is featured by Oui Crochet and by Pattern Paradise!!

Thank you, Susie and Maria!!

And... after a couple of weeks my Flower Hat is featured again! So nice to see it again at Keeping it Simple!

Thank you so much, Kaysi!

Paper Bunny

This one I made before, not even that long ago, but this newer version looks much better, now that I have the template. And now that I made a nice crocheted frame for it. And now that my daughter's new room slowly begins to look like an actual bedroom instead of a space where stuff is stored while my husband is renovating, and there finally are emerging walls again behind the dumps.

In case you would like to make your own bunny: you can find the template here!


My Leg Warmers were featured by Creative Jewish Mom this week!

Thanks, Sara!!

Wanted #46


Crochet Tea Light Holder

The ones who read my blog for a while now, know I really don't have the patience for projects that go on and on and take months, even years to finish. So the one below, is just the one for me. Took me less than an hour to make it!

First X-mas Decoration of the Year

Since a couple of weeks now I have an account on Pinterest and what I was afraid of already happened: so much inspiration I don't know where to begin! 
A lot of X-mas crafts come along, so it's hard to choose, but when I saw this one I knew where I wanted to make a start with my own decorations for this year. So incredibly cute!!
It's made of layers simple white paper, cut with a sharp knife, placed under a glass dome. In the middle sits a LED light that change colors.

In case you would like to make your own: templates are to find here!! Good luck! 
 This week my Painted Skulls were featured by A Tray of Bliss!

And my Fingerless Wrist Warmers were featured by Zomaar een dag!

Thanks, Mimi and Barbara!

Wanted #45


Leg Warmers

Needlework is really popular around here these days and even stores that have nothing to do with crafting what so ever sell yarn and needles. In one of them I found this pretty wool in gray tones with colorful speckles here and there. I didn't really knew what to do with it, but I just wanted it. 
Last week my youngest daughter (5) asked for leg warmers (don't know where she got the idea, because I never wear them) and that's when the yarn got a purpose.