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Cake for Cat

Last night we made a great deal: we exchanged a homemade cake for an adorable little tomcat!        Naked Cake with Poppy Seeds and Lemon Cream, topped with White Chocolate and Summer Fruit   What you need For 2 cakes: 2x200 grams butter 2x200 grams sugar 2x3 eggs 2x250 grams cake mix 2x50cc milk  2x2 tablespoons poppy seeds 500 grams mascarpone 1 lemon 25 grams of vanilla sugar white fondant 2 tablespoons  cream  100 grams white chocolate summerfruit (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, redberries, blueberries etc)   What to do Preheat oven at 160 degrees Celsius Mix the butter until soft.  Add sugar and mix until smooth Add eggs one by one and mix after adding each egg Add milk and poppy seeds Mix for three minutes Bake the cake for an hour Make the other cake (or you can make the two cakes simultaneously, if your oven is big enough and if you have two cake pans of exactly the same size) Let the cakes cool down and cut them both into two layers (so you a total of four cake layer

Sunny Top

A nother request from my daughter: she desperately needed a crocheted crop top. Loving mom that I am I ordered some yarn in the color she wanted and hooked a top.   Pattern: Pattern: the pattern I made with the help of a singlet my daughter already had, but you can also make measurements on the body.  To get the striped pattern I used hcd's in the back loops of the stiches of the former row. I crocheted from bottom to top instead of left to right. Yarn:   Sunkissed Noonday Sun by Scheepjes   ~*~   Lily the Bunny was featured by Annemarie's Haakblog , The House on Silverado , Creative Jewish Mom and My Bijou Life !        

Lily the Bunny

For my youngest daughter I made this little bunny, named Lily. I thought she would feel too old by now for little crocheted animals, but bunnies she can't resist.      Maybe you remember my pictures and stories about our Flemish Giant Haasje. He lived indoors and when one of us was at home, we took him out of his bench, so he could hop wherever he wanted, though most of the time he lied stretch out sleeping. Last May he died. One day he was running around in the garden, even digged a hole, and the next day he lied limp, panting and miserable. The vet thought it might be an infection, so after some antibiotics and analgesics we took him home, hoping for the best. But his status didn't improve over the night and the next day. At the end of the afternoon, I couldn't endure it anymore to see my precious friend in such discomfort. I called the vet to come over and after she ensured me a couple of times that it was for the best, I decided it was time.My dear friend.

Magnolia Sweetheart Crop Top

 In a couple of days my oldest daughter has her birthday. 13 years old. Time flies is a quote you always hear when it comes to the growing up of your child and I think that's the truest of the truest. It seems like yesterday that the present pediatrician laid her on my chest after a caesarean section and I gently pulled her little finger with the tiny nail away from her eye. Probably that was her favorite pose while in my belly. Today she is a teen that is totally into fashion, apparal and how she looks. Her favorite brand is Brandy Melville, but with modest pride I can say that she still loves clothes that I make for her. As long as they are picked by herself, that is. Of course. Beside a store bought present I love to give something handmade and this year it's a little crocheted top.      Pattern (with videotutorial): Magnolia Sweetheart Crop Top by  Grace from For The Frills  Yarn: Sunkissed Breeze by Scheepjes   ~*~   The Trio Blanket , that I finished in my vacation la

Trio Blanket

We are on vacation! In our own country (The Netherlands), no less, but since we have lots of beautiful, beautiful places here, it's no punishment at all. We are renting a log cabin near National Park De Hoge Veluwe, a place were we've been a couple of times before. The last few years we went to the Mediterranean in spring instead of summer, because it's just too hot in July and August and it's getting hotter and hotter every year. The summer we save for vacations in our own country. Anyway, after months of working at the ICU's, and after that months of hard work at my own department (operation theater) to get waiting lists for patients that needed surgery a bit shorter, I finally have a couple of weeks off. Time to do some serious crocheting, so I finally finished this throw that I started to work on last fall. The project was quite boring, doing the same small stitch row after row, so I've put it away from time to time. Most annoying of all was the yarns, three