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Bunny made out of a Square

After four weeks of doctors visits on my days off, for my daughter, for the Flemish giant and for myself, I finally had a half day for myself. I used it to crochet the stress out of me from hurrying from one event to another.  But in two weeks I will have surgery on my knee (nothing terrible, just an arthroscopy to remove a piece of lose bone that blocks the joint, so I can't straighten my leg), so I guess I will have lots of time after that.  With the upcoming Easter festivities and the love we all feel for our own rabbit Haasje (which means little hare; my 5 year old gave him that name), who had broken his leg a couple of weeks ago, I'm still not finished with making bunny themed crafts. I found another variation of making a bunny, yes! It's made out of a square!   You can find the tutorial here .

Spring Butterfly Garland

Sometimes I find some really nice free prints through my Instagram. Like the one here . It's for a mobile, but I only used the butterflies and made a garland with it.

Wanted #13

Blouse Treasure by King Louie

Origami Easter Bunny

Yesterday my girls had a day off from school, so we went to the craft store to get some crafting supplies, so they could make some Easter thingies for the upcoming holidays. One of the supplies was folding paper with nice colors and motives, delivered with an example how to fold a bunny, among other things. So I folded away. Could be nice for an Easter tablesetting. ~*~  My crocheted Lucky Star was featured by Creative Jewish Mom this week! Thank you, Sara!

The Grass...

Since I still like the embroidery loops, I made another one. Love this quote.

Wanted #12

Baseball Jacket Spring Grove by King Louie

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I'm totally back into crochet, as you can see. On instagram I see those weather themed decorations for children's rooms all the time and this is my own twist to this: sun rays shining through rain drops makes a rainbow. Or, as Dolly tells us: 'If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain'.

Lucky Star

Image   My youngest is into bunnies, something you couldn't fail to notice the last couple of weeks (or even months), but my oldest is into stars. So I made this. You can find a pattern for the star at Draad en Praat .

Wanted #11

Camilla Boots by Miz Mooz

Crochet Easter Bunny

Made an Easter Bunny today!

Easter and Spring Cards

 A while ago I found some drawings I made when I was about twenty years old.  You can see there was a time when I had time and patience. Not anymore. I draw from time to time, but all drawings take an hour, at the most. And the real simple ones, like the ones here, take just five minutes. The coloring takes more time then the actual drawing.  The next level in our house that will be renovated is the upstairs. My daughters and I are brainstorming a lot about how to decorate their new rooms. They thought up they should have a 'theme' in their room, haha! The theme changes by the day. But apart from whatever the theme will be, there has to be some bunny decoration, according to my youngest. So I made some bunny drawings. And guess what: I can use them for Easter, too! And here's my model: ~*~ This week both my Kid's Dream Catcher and my Peacock Feather were featured  by Bowdabrablog ! The Dre

Wanted #10

Bow Blouse by King Louie

Roasted Chickpeas & Home Made Ice Tea

Always looking for a light, healthy snack, like I do? I found a great recipe! All you need is chickpeas, herbs and olive oil.  My favorite seasoning is cajun, because I like spicy. All you need: chickpeas cajun seasoning olive oil What to do: Toss in a bowl and spread out on a baking tin. Bake in a 200 Celsius preheated oven for about fifteen minutes. You can find the whole recipe at Natural Chow ! ~*~ Another new favorite recipe is for home made Ice Tea. It's very easy to make.   What you need: 1 liter of water 2 lemons 4 spoons of sugar 2 tea bags What to do: Heat the water together with the juice of the lemons and the sugar. Turn of the heat and place the tea bags in the water for ten minutes. Cool the tea until ice cold. That's it. Delicious!