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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! My Halloween 2018 projects:

Star Music Box

One of my friends, the friend where I made this Gender Reveal Cake for indeed, has delivered her little boy. Last weekend she and her husband had a gathering to celebrate the birth of the baby boy. Besides some tiny store bought clothes, I also made her a Star Music Box. The melody is Twinkle, Twinkle. Of course. 

Travels: Belgium & Germany

My daughters had Fall Vacation last week and my husband thought it would be nice to make a little road trip to our neighboring countries instead of a flight vacation to a sunny place. We bought a Lonely Planet of Germany, since we already had one of Belgium, and looked for a couple of places we could go to. We started in Leuven and Mechelen in Belgium. 

Our first day was in Leuven, a beautiful University Town, were we did some sight seeing, shopping and eating in a delicious restaurant totally dedicated to burgers (also vegetarian, yay!)

Next day we went to Mechelen. Also a beautiful little city, but more of the same. Because it was a Sunday everything was closed, so after a coffee and a visit to Saint Rombaut's Cathedral we went on our way to Technopolis, a sort of science museum for kids with lots of experimental things to try. 
My daughters asked if they could burn a little candle in the cathedral and told me afterwards that they burned a candle for Poekie (our cat), Little G…

Plant Pot Make Over

This week I was looking for a nice pot for a new plant I purchased a couple of days ago. I found one that really matched the rest of my interior design on the internet. Unfortunately. when I came to the store to buy it, it was totally sold out. The only thing they had was one of the most ugly pots I ever saw. The pot was supposed to look like marble and totally did not, but I bought it anyway, so I could give it a make over. I had some left over midnight blue paint from another project that didn't turned out as I hoped it would, so I was glad I now found another purpose for the paint. 


Fall Wreath

Making a wreath was on my to do list for a couple of weeks, but I just didn't take the time to shop for the right necessities. Yesterday though, I was looking for a broomstick to attach to my new birdhouse, so it can stand sort of in the middle of the garden instead of within reach of my hunting cat, and totally by accident my eye fell on the wreath making supplies. 
This morning I took all stuff outside and sat, mid october, in lovely sunshine to craft a wreath. I was accompanied by my other cat, the fighting one, who wanted to help a bit by laying down on the yet to finish wreath. Cats, you gotta love'em. And I do!
Anyway, here are the wreath and the birdhouse:

The wreath is embellishing my front door and as you can see the birds haven't discovered the birdhouse yet, so despite the delicious bird food in it, the place is still empty.


My Crocheted Gazelle, Cactus Cake and Happy Cactus were all featured by Creative Jewish Mom!!

Thank you very much, Sara!

Made It! #31

Maybe you've noticed that I'm a couple of weeks behind with my Made It posts. Happens every time I announce to make the Spanish Omelette. I've tried to make one at least six times, I don't exaggarate, but it just didn't end up well. The omelette sticked to the pan every single time and I had to scrape it off.
 So, here's my question to you: what am I doing wrong?!! I really hope you can help me out here, because the fact is: I LOVE Spanish omelette!! 
For now: no picture to show you. 
For next week I would like to make this delicious sounding Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar/Pecan Pound Cake! Hope this will turn out better!

Hexagon Cushions

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to make two cushions for her. The cushions had to be hexagons. Of course I said yes. Why not? Cut the fabric, stitch together, ready. 
It was only now that I had time after a couple of Parties & Celebrations-weekends. I thought the cushions would be ready in less than an hour. They were, but that's without the time I needed to refresh my math knowledge to calculate the measurements of the six sides of the hexagon. I knew the simplest way was to draw a circle, measure six parts with equal angles from the center and then connect the points where the lines crossed the circle, but I didn't have the tools to measure six equal angles. I tried a couple of other calculations, involving trapeziums, angles, Pythagoras and such, and slowly a headache started to develop. 
After a couple of attempts my husband came along and asked what I was doing, not seeing me very often with mathematical formulas all around me. He tried to help me out by sear…

Cactus Party

It's impossible that it slipped your mind that the birthday of my oldest daughter is all about cacti this year, on her request. She's the one that never comes up with a theme, but this year she made up for all the years without a theme. The latest and last one in this long series of cactus related birthday items is this Cactus Cake.

 And here I present you for once and for all the other Cactus Birthday Theme things:'

And now on to another theme! Next birthday party will be in January, when my youngest will become nine!
The Cactus Cupcakes were featured by My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies and Sum of Their Stories this week!

Thank you very much, Laurie and Julie!