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How To Train Your Dragon's Toothless

If you have younger kids, chances are high you know the movie 'How To Train Your Dragon'. My youngest daugher is nine and she talks about one Toothless almost the whole day through. Toothless is a dragen, without teeth apparantly, and has the lead role in the before mentioned movie. I must say: he's an adoreble little dragon; black, with green eyes, and cute little wings. And he can spit fire. As a surprise I bought a crochet pattern of Toothless to make for my daughter.  ~*~ The Little Llama that I made a couple of weeks ago is featured by Ginx Crafts ! Thank you very much!

Rope Plant Hangers

For some reason every plant that I ever bought in my life, ended up dead after just a couple of weeks. Time and time again I bought a plant every now and then, to see if my vibrations, or aura, or spirit companions, or whatever had a better outcome on a new plant in my house and I'm very happy to say that since about six months such is the case! Not all plants, I must say (the ficus for example still hasn't a long life when it lives in my house, and I really don't know why), but most of them stay alive, and not only that, they grow!  In the town I live is the most adorable little plant shop, with all kinds of special plants and exotic flowers. Sometimes I just find that I deserve new plants, because apparantly I take such good care of them lately, so yesterday I went in and bought three new ones. Because the window sills are full, I had to change to hanging plants, and besides those two I bought a little terrarium.  For the hanging plants I made hangers myself by r

Spring Cake

This weekend my husband's whole family came over for eating, drinking and chatting. Although we had a week of rain every single day, spring is definitely in the air. Flowers and trees are not blooming yet, but it won't be long before they will. I made a delicious Spring Cake, vanilla cake with caramel cream, decorated with Chocolate Flowers, Easter Eggs and  Caramel Crumbs. Do you know anyone who doesn't like caramel? I don't.  ~*~ The Llama that I made last week was featured by Creative Jewish Mom and The Blogger's Life Style ! Thank you, Sara and Kathleen!

Llama Again

The cutest things to make for expecting moms are llamas. I can't stop making them. Here's another one.  The pattern is from the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau by Yan Schenkel . ~*~ The Long Legged Bunny that I made for a colleague was featured by Creative Jewish Mom and Shoppe No.5 this week!