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Birthday Rosettes

Wow, I’ve been featured again!! This time at Make it Monday by Brassy Apple. My African Flower Tutorial was the most viewed project this week! Thanks, Megan!

I live in the Netherlands and there people celebrate the birthday of the queen. And the queen’s birthday is today. Well, actually it’s not her birthday, but the birthday of her mother and predecessor, who’s passed away a couple of years ago. Because the present queen is born in January (she celebrated her 74th birthday this year; oldest head of state ever in this country) and people here like to party outside, they still celebrate Q-day on the 30th of April. Chance of good weather will be more likely, that’s why.

I made these Q-day rosette decorations for my little daughters. The whole country will be turned in the red, white and blue of the national flag. The orange stands for 'Van Oranje', the family name of the royal family (which means, good guess, orange). That’s why I chose this colors, but of course every color, f…

Wanted #13

WANTED I really like green!

And…. another play mat!

The play mat that should match the liquorice allsorts baby blanket is finished and I’m quite happy with the result. I wasn’t sure about the colors, but in combination with the black it turned out really good, I think. 

Here together with the baby blanket.

For a TUTORIAL look here.
For other examples of this play mat look here and here.

In the meantime I worked on some grannies for what should become a really large blanket (yes, I give it a try again, as you may have read before). I ordered a book with lots and lots of different grannies ('200 Crochet Blocks' by Jan Eaton), hoping not to get bored after doing five grannies. I already have four (see previous post) and this is what I made today:

Ongoing projects

I’m working on a couple of projects simultaneously at the moment:

African Flower Pillow  (for previous post look here)
Only have to join the flowers on the outer row and crochet
an edge around it and then it’s finished.

Play Mat 
(for previous post look here) The panels are connected and form the front side of the mat. Have to cut edges and a back side now.

For the finished project look here.
For the tutorial look here.
New Grannies Although I love to crochet grannies, I can’t bring forth a complete blanket. Too boring, doing the same granny over and over again. So now I’m trying this: crochet one different granny each day, until I have enough to form a complete blanket. Maybe that works for me. Who knows, I can show you a REALLY LARGE blanket in time. 

Little Stool Well, actually this stool is a project I did finish this weekend, but I want to make another one. I must say ‘we’, because my husband made the stool and I only made the seat. They’re for the bedrooms of our daughters and have a match…

Wanted #12

Hibiscus Hair Flowers by Miss Candyfloss WANTED I really NEED this flowers! They bring back sweet memories of my trip to Hawaii and match perfectly with  my clothes!

Making Progress

Last week I showed you some crochet flowers (called African flowers, I know now). I want to make another pillow cover and I'm making good progress. This is what I have now: 

I wrote a 
on how to crochet the flowers.  You can find it here.
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In anticipation of our trip to Menorca, I painted this:

Fences like this can be found anywhere on the island. They're made of split branches of pine-trees.

Finally: a (little) blanket!

I did it! Finally I finished a blanket!!! It’s a little one, that’s true, but large enough. For now I’m done with projects like this. Takes forever. After making this poncho I only felt resistance and swore to myself never to begin another project involving more than twelve grannies, but when a good friend asked me to make her soon to be born son a little blanket, I couldn’t say no, of course. But I’m sooo glad it’s finished now.

Awaiting some black fabric for the backside, I already cut the front side panels for a matching play mat (like this one, but with the colors of English liquorice allsorts). At the request of one of my readers I will write a tutorial for the play mat after it’s finished, so if you’re interested than visit my blog now and then (or become a follower J).

Yesterday I went to the market and found flowers in my favorite flower color again: orange!

Wanted #11

WANTED I love the gingham details on this dress!


May I proudly present:

My Happy Flower is featured!!! 
First time I’ve been featured!
Thank you!

Grannies and Flowers

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a sort of grannies I was working on. At first I wanted to make a little blanket, but after making nine or ten grannies I already knew it: this would never be a blanket. So I went for a pillow cover. When I had enough grannies for the cover I had to join them and remove the loose ends, something I’m never looking forward to, so I postponed it for a couple of weeks. But…, I picked it up this weekend and finished the cover, so here’s the result:

And because I perceive a sort of happiness during the project of crocheting grannies by changing colors now and then (recognizable for anyone?), I’m making another pillow cover. Different colors, different pattern, though. 

You can find a tutorial for the flowers here.

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Crochet Decorations

While working on the granny blanket I started to get bored to do the same granny over and over again, so to do something different for a couple of days I made these decorations for my daughters.

This flower I found at a blog called Attic 24. It’s called a Happy Flower and comes with a tutorial!

This cuckoo clock I found at a blog called LutjeHaakt. This one is without a tutorial. 
Both such nice ideas, don’t you think? 

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Yesterday I watched the most fascinating movie:

The Hunter - it’s not so much the story that’s fascinating, but the subject the movie is about. Ever heard of the Tasmanian tiger? This is what it looked like:

Looked, indeed, because the animal is d…

Wanted #10

WANTED Adorable blouse, don’t you think?


Another Black Cat Project: I made this little heart, for which I found inspiration at the blog of Dutch Sisters again (by the way: they're having a GIVE AWAY at the moment). 

At first I embroidered the cat on red cheesecloth. The pattern of the cat I found here. Actually it's a pattern for filet crochet, but you can easily convert it into a pattern for embroidering. 

From fabric that was left over from one of my playmats, I made the heart and decorated it with a crochet scalloped edge.

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Liquorice Allsorts

This weekend I made a start with the grannies for a little blanket. It's for a friend of mine who’s expecting a baby boy. The inspiration for the colours I use for the blanket I found in a bag of English liquorice allsorts.

Look here for the finished project...


And I saw another movie this weekend that I have to recommend, though it’s a real old one (that I have seen about a dozen times and maybe you have too, but it has to be mentioned):

Psycho – still so very scary, even though this movie is more than fifty years old! Maybe it’s because the movie is inspired by a true story (the gruesome story of Ed Gein) what makes it so frightening.
And I LOVE the dresses that Janet Leigh is wearing in the movie!