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Hexagon Cushions

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to make two cushions for her. The cushions had to be hexagons. Of course I said yes. Why not? Cut the fabric, stitch together, ready. 
It was only now that I had time after a couple of Parties & Celebrations-weekends. I thought the cushions would be ready in less than an hour. They were, but that's without the time I needed to refresh my math knowledge to calculate the measurements of the six sides of the hexagon. I knew the simplest way was to draw a circle, measure six parts with equal angles from the center and then connect the points where the lines crossed the circle, but I didn't have the tools to measure six equal angles. I tried a couple of other calculations, involving trapeziums, angles, Pythagoras and such, and slowly a headache started to develop. 
After a couple of attempts my husband came along and asked what I was doing, not seeing me very often with mathematical formulas all around me. He tried to help me out by sear…

Cactus Party

It's impossible that it slipped your mind that the birthday of my oldest daughter is all about cacti this year, on her request. She's the one that never comes up with a theme, but this year she made up for all the years without a theme. The latest and last one in this long series of cactus related birthday items is this Cactus Cake.

 And here I present you for once and for all the other Cactus Birthday Theme things:'

And now on to another theme! Next birthday party will be in January, when my youngest will become nine!
The Cactus Cupcakes were featured by My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies and Sum of Their Stories this week!

Thank you very much, Laurie and Julie!

Audrey Gazelle

Months ago I crocheted a gazelle, I named her Gisele Gazelle, from the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau by Yanina Schenkel. I gave it to a colleague, who just had a baby daughter. From all patterns in the book, I like the one of the gazelle the most, so now that I have another colleague who just became a dad of a baby daughter I made another one. 

Cactus Cupcakes

And here's another one in the endless stream of cactus related birthday party items: the treats for the class mates. It didn't take me as much time as I expected it to take, but even though I spend quite some hours in the kitchen. But, and that's what it's all about of course: my daughter loved the treats and I've never seen her more proud when she entered her class room with her Cactus Cupcakes!


The 50 Cake that I made for my parents was featured by The Cottage Market!

Thank you very much, Andrea!
My Fall Drawing and my Cactus Invitations were featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

Side Table Make Over

A couple of years ago I asked by husband to make a little side table from a wooden bar stool and a wooden plate. I painted it pink, because at the time that color matched with the rest of my interior.

Today I don't like the color anymore, but I still like the little table. After thinking about the color for a couple of days, I decided on night blue. Here's a before and after. 

What do you think?

Cactus Invitations

As you will know by now the theme my oldest daughter chose for her birthday were Cacti. All birthday activities are bit spread this year, because on her birthday she was on survival camp and after that we were on holidays, so it was only this week that she could treat her class mates (more about that in a later post) and give her friends a party invitation. 
After drawing lots of cacti for her Friends & Family Party I didn't feel like doing the same for the party for her friends from school. I thought it would be a great idea to buy a couple of small cacti with small terra cotta pots, hang a card with the invitation from them and give that to her friends. Very simple, but it was a great success!!

Made It #30

This week I made the Pumpkin Bread not once, but twice. The first time I found the bread so delicious that I only wanted more. The second time however, the bread didn't come off as well as the first time. Also delicious, but less delicious. A bit dry or something. Maybe not enough mashed pumpkin in it.
It's time for something hearty after all the sweetness of the last weeks, so I want to make a Spanish omelette. I tried this lots and lots of time, but the omelette never came out of the skillet in one piece. But I'm stubborn and will try again this week!

It's Fall!

This weekend, while the rain was falling hard and the wind was blowing fast, I made this drawing on my kitchen door. After four months of ongoing summer I was so looking forward to Fall, that I'm really early this year with my decorations and Fall recipes. Normally I wait until October. 

 September is my favorite month of the year: you can smell Fall in the air a little, but there are still a lot of beautiful, sunny days. A sort of extended summer actually. But I've had enough summer, so Fall begins now in my house. 
My favorite Fall recipe is the one for speculaas. I think I've shared this recipe here many times before, but I of course I grant you this delicous cookie also because that's how I am, so here we go again.
What you need:  300 grams flour 175 grams butter 150 grams brown sugar 4 table spoons speculaaskruiden (a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pepper and cloves)   1/2 teaspoon salt 2 table spoons cold water
What you do: Preheat oven at 170 degrees Celsiu…

50 Cake

As told in my previous post, last week my parents celebrated fifty years of marriage. My brother, sister and I organized a family day for them, but my parents also threw a little party for family and friends. At first they want it all catered by the people where they hired the party location from, but I asked them if I could make the cake. 
Maybe you remember the Heart Cake. A cake like that was what I had in mind and I used the Heart Cake to practice, because I wanted the cake for my parents as perfect as possible. 
I baked a number 5 four times, because two of them broke in halves when I lifted them to put on top of the filling and went to the supermarket three times to get more ingredients. In the end the cake still wasn't as perfect as I wished, but nobody noticed that the filling was a bit sinked in during transportation without cooling (how does Cake Boss transport its ingenious cakes undamaged all the time?)  and that the roses weren't evenly divided over the cake. Mos…

Made It #29

Fall = Apple Pie, that's a fact since my youth. In two months my whole family had their birthday and every time my mother baked an apple pie. When I was young I didn't particularly like them very much, because my mother put raisins in it and that spoiled the whole pie, in my young opinion. Now that I'm an adult I still don't like raisins in apple pie, but the good thing is that I can decided to leave them out now. 
The Classic Dutch Apple Pie Recipe below is perfect! And because I like the crust the most, I made extra dough for a thick crust that covers the whole cake.


Next week I would like to make a Pumpkin Bread, so my daughters can take some to school. They're not allowed to eat sweets and cookies at school. but when we name it bread, we can play dumb.

Family Day

Last week my parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding day! Can you imagine that? Fifty years of marriage! I'm only just at the beginning of that. 
My brother, sister and I organized a family day as a surprise. Early in the morning we went to my parents with our husbands and wife and the four grand children and woke them up with tooters, whistles and whoops. They were totally suprised (which surprised me in return, because which children would silently let pass by a day like this).  We first drank coffee and ate the apple pie that I baked (at six in the morning I was busy in my kitchen already, so the pie would be fresh and still a bit warm, which is best for apple pie as we all know).
After coffee and after my parents had dressed we went to the city of Volendam, a little place where people still dress in folkloric costumes, well, at least the older people. Actually the main feature of the city is to let you immortalize in these costumes on photo. There are more than just a coupl…

Moss Stitch Cushion

Although the weather is still good around here, in The Netherlands, the nights become a bit chillier and it's raining more often. Fall, my favorite season, is definitely in the air. After the long, hot summer we had here this year (I think it was the hottest summer of my entire life actually), I'm longing for sitting on the couch under a blanket, watching movies, burning candles, husband, kids and cats beside me on the couch and coffee with fresh baked speculaas.
To get prepared for the Fall and Winter, I'm updating our house a bit. New decorations, new cushions on the couch, new blankets for cocooning on cold winter nights. This week I made this one. 

 It's made of two strings of yarn, one black and one with different shades of blue, that I knitted together in moss stitch. The lower cushion is store bought.


My Crocheted Rope Basket is featured by Creative Jewish Mom and by Scrapality!

Thanks, Sara and Andrea!

My Metal Wire Jars are featured by Creative Jewish Mom

Made It #28

This week I tried the Date Nut Bread. It was good, delicious even, but not the sort of thing that I will make as a regular snack to take to school. Too sweet. More something I would serve with coffee.

Fall is coming and although I like cooking and baking in general, Fall recipes are my favorite. In Fall I spend many hours in the kitchen. This week I found a recipe for Classic Dutch Apple Cake. You can eat apple cake the whole year through, of course, but when I was young the apples from the orchard around our house were gathered around this time and we ate lots of dishes, cakes, desserts with apples in it. In my mind Apple Cake will forever be associated with Fall.