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Pop Up Reindeer Cards

This week I started making Christmas Cards. It wasn't in my planning to make cards myself, but when I was in my nearby craft store yesterday, I saw beautiful pastel colored paper. That's how it usually goes: I decide to make it an easy Christmas with little home made things, until I see craft supplies that I really like, most of the time because it has nice colors. So there I was, spending another afternoon at the craft table, but I love the result! The idea and templates for the card I found here ~*~ My Flying Saucer Rider was featured by Creative Jewish Mom , Two Chicks and a Mom and Sew Can Do ! Thank you, Sara and Donna, Staci & Ali Rose and Cheryl!


This week it's Thanksgiving, something that isn't really celebrated in The Netherlands. But I take every opportunity to cook for people, so I decided to celebrate Friendsgiving. Not with the traditional turkey, because I'm a vegetarian, but with lots of other delicious dishes. This weekend I started to make some decorations, like this little turkey.  I found this little pattern here . On my menu: Garlic Soup Homemade Breadsticks * Roasted Vegetable Chips Onion Rings Melted Brie with Crackers Caramelized Garlic Tart Salad with Pecans and Cranberries *  Chai Spice Apple Pie  * Coffee and Bonbons ~*~ The Lampion that I made for St Maarten last week was feastured by Scrapality and Creative Jewish Mom !  Thank you, Andrea and Sara!

The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars...

The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars... My brother, sister and I loved it when my dad played that record from War of The Worlds with all its scary sounds when we were kids. Especially the sound of a manhole cover that shoves over the tarmac, that we kids thought for years was a sound that one of the tripods made.   One of my favorite crochet designers, Lalylala, has a new pattern and it's a great one! I think I mentioned before how we all love astronomy and cosmology in our home. We don't exactly believe in little green Mars creatures (although, as I speak for myself: I don't immediately rule out the existence of extra terrestrial life), but the whole family loves this crocheted green guy in his flying soucer. Okay, my husband didn't ooh and aah, like my daughters and I did, but he also liked the idea of a crochted UFO. And the abducted cow is just hilarious. You can find the pattern here ~*~ My Star Music Box was featured by Creative Je

Lampion for St Maarten

This weekend it's Sint Maarten. I live in The Netherlands and this children's fest isn't celebrated in the whole country, but only in some regions. Sint Maarten was the son of a rich man who shared half of his coat with a poor, coat- and shoeless man and therefore was named a saint. The celebration that came out of this anecdote, are groups of children that trek along the houses in the neighborhood after dark with lights and lampions. They hope people want to share sweets and candies by singing Sintremaarten songs (short songs, of course, because they want to get as much sweets as possible, so the longer the song, the shorter the time left to go to other houses; for people who don't want to share sweets and candies are special songs, in which people are named greedy).  It's a bit like Halloween, but with songs and without the scary things. The weeks before November 11, name day of Sint Maarten and therefore the day of celebration, children traditionally s

Spool Knitted Name

If you've read my last post, about the Star Music Box, you know that I had a little party last week to celebrate the birth of my friend's baby boy. The music box wasn't the only thing I made for her, I also made her baby's name in spool knitting.  ~*~ My Fall Wreath was featured by Scrapality ! Thank you very much, Andrea! My Hexagon Cushions were featured by Creative Jewish Mom ! Thanks, Sara!