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My Precious Sweater

Dear people who are still visiting this blog every now and then to check if something new is on: after more than a year of silence I want to pick up where I have left.  It's been a while, but it was a very busy year, that's why. We moved to another house in another town. I think I've told you that what my husband loves the most is home improvement jobs in our own house. In our old house weren't any jobs to do anymore and we needed more space anyway, so we bought a fixer upper in another town. We moved last summer and have been busy to make it a home every weekend since then. I just hadn't time, but also no motivation, inspiration and appetite to make/craft anything else, so I hadn't much to tell or show. Now that there's more peace around here, I started to crochet again. Just this week I finished this sweater for my oldest daughter. She started at high school last summer and clothes and apparel are much more important for her now, I can tell. The color