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Flower Medaillon

One of the things I gave for Mother's Day this year, was a glass medaillon for pictures. Instead of pictures I've put some Forget Me Nots in it, that I picked at Menorca and dried to put them in the medaillon. The first time I went to Menorca was with my parents and they still love the island, too, so I thought it would be nice to give my mother this flower. ~*~ My Seed Bags were featured by Sum of Their Stories ! Thank you very much, Julie!

Menorca Part II

Last week I told you about our trip to Menorca and the things we did see that we didn't see in all those years before. Besides Barranc d'Algendar, Cova des Coloms and the Lazareto, we've been to a little castle. Since a couple of  years I saw this road sign along the highway that pointed to a small road to the Castell de Santa Agueda and this year I wanted to see where the small country road would lead us. The castle turned out to be a ruin built by arabs during the caliphate of Cordoba. A small medieval road leads from the road up to a 250m high hill, where the remains of the castle are.  Another magical place, where I've been before, but wanted to show to my husband and daughters was the Parque Nacional Es Grau, which is a sort of wedland. Lots of different birds live here, together with some turtle species and other small animals.  Actually the whole island proclaimed a biosphere by Unesco, so while Es Grau is a beautiful natural area,

Made It #19

The Baklava I made was a great success. But although the whole family liked it, I ate most of it myself. Sorry, just couldn't stop myself!  I always thought making baklava was a lot of work, but it didn't take that much time, actually. And look at that beautiful plate that I bought a couple of years ago, when I was in Istanbul. Finally in use.  ~*~ Next week I want to make something healthy! I found a great looking recipe with Tofu and Thai Red Curry. Sounds great to the vegetarian in me!  

Butterfly Lamp

Now that the days, and especially the evenings, are warm enough to serve dinner outside and eat al fresco, I thought it would be nice to give the outside diner table a summery look also. A couple of years ago I bought a butterfly table cloth and to have some light later in the evening, I decorated a paper solar lamp with butterflies, to match the table cloth.

Made It #18

Although it's almost June already, I still have the Coffee Frappe review for you. We went for a Spring Break Vacation and came back this week, which is the reason for the delay. I only used the vanilla ice cream, the chilled coffee and the milk in the original recipe. I don't really like overly sweet things, so I skipped the syrup. And because I want the Frappe something that can be made really fast and that I can drink in between chores, standing at the kitchen counter, I didn't use whipped cream with cocoa either. Just these three ingredients in the blender for a couple of minutes and ready. ~*~ For next week I want to make a Baklava . In our neighborhood sits a Turkish bakery where I usually get my fresh Baklava, but I always wanted to try to make my own once. 


Yesterday we came back from our spring vacation. We went to Menorca, my beloved island in the Mediterranean Sea. Last year we couldn't go, because the timing of school's spring holidays didn't fit up to our wishes (the holidays lasted only one week, for example, a week that actually wasn't in May but at the end of April, when it's still rather cold in Menorca and it's off season, so most things are closed). So last year we went to Sicily.  It were a great two weeks, as always, and we saw a lot of things we didn't see before. I come to Menorca since I was five years old, but I still haven't seen all the island has to offer. The Cova des Colom for example, an enormous cave, is something that I just discovered this year, on Pinterest.      These little stone walls are one of the features of the island and are made by hand. Stone by stone, without cement or anything. Fences like this are also a feature of the island. They're made