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Bathroom Floor


Most Wanted of All

I would give back all the before mentioned Wanted Items and all other stuff I ever wanted for just this one: my sweet cat. I lost my very dear little friend and am inconsolable and totally heartbroken.  

Rest in Peace, my little friend You will never be forgotten

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Wanted #3

WANTED I want this dress! And can I have the hair, too?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look what I got from my husband (I didn’t expect a present at all, because my husband, Dutchman that he is, doesn’t care for holidays at all and especially not for ‘commercial holidays’, as he finds Valentine’s Day is):

It’s an adorable book about friendship and love between different animals, with a lot of pictures. One of the friendships is between a (very big) rat and a cat; that one I like the most. Another one I like is the friendship between a Siberian Husky and a polar bear. The most touching picture in the book is one of a macaque who’s carrying a cat in his paws, as carefully as any mother would carry her baby. So sweet! This book is really perfect as a gift for Valentine’s Day.
What I made this year for Valentine's Day:

I found this 'woven heart' at the Paper Matrix, but found it quite difficult to make. My heart didn't exactly end up the same as the one I found at the Paper Matrix, but I like it anyway.
~*~ What I made last year:
 I made th…

Little Skirt


Wanted #2!

WANTED Oh, how I love this bag!

Crochet Cupcakes


Wanted #1!

WANTED Don't you love this dress?

Chicken Shoarma

The most favorite dish in our home is chicken with Cajun seasoning and garlic sauce. We call it ‘Chicken Shoarma’, but that’s just because of the pita rolls (although you can take shoarma seasoning instead of Cajun seasoning to make it real chicken shoarma, of course).
What you need for 4 persons: -4 pita rolls -3 chicken breasts -Cajun seasoning mix -100 cc yoghurt -tablespoon mayonnaise -1 garlic clove, cut into very tiny pieces -dried parsley
Cut the chicken breasts in little pieces and sprinkle with Cajun seasoning. Cook in some oil until golden brown. Meanwhile stir parsley, mayonnaise, garlic and yoghurt until you have a smooth sauce. Make four portions and spoon each portion in a pita roll. Pour sauce over it. Serve with salad and fries.  Enjoy!