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Lila Baby Blanket

And there’s another baby on the way! One of my best friends is expecting! I’m so excited! I’m busy making all kind of things for her baby and here is my first, a little baby blanket:

She doesn’t know yet if it will be a boy or a girl, so I used a neutral color. The idea for the blanket I found at Lacy Crochet, where Olga is just writing a tutorial for it!

This week my Birthday Crown was featured by Teach Beside Me!

 Thanks, Karyn!

Wanted #1

WANTED Beautiful Black Dress!

My Little Friend

Still miss you, little friend... Y

Pattern found at Mamou via Graft Gossip


A couple of months ago I made some potholdersfor a friend, because I know she likes them. I myself always grab a kitchen towel or something when I need to lift a pot, but now that my husband and I discovered that we really love to make useful things for our house by ourselves, I thought I use some potholders, too. And because I do not only like to make things myself, but especially like making things that don’t take too much time to make, potholders are a perfect project J ! So, I reached for a good old granny pattern and here is the first (and the second is on its way):
I’m featured again!! Always such an honor! Janice from Better off Thread featured my LOVE-shirt that I made for my daughter for Valentine’s Day! 

Thanks, Janice!

My first doily

I always wanted to crochet a doily someday and guess what...: it finally happened! I don't know yet where I will leave it, because honestly I don't really have furniture that matches with doilies, but I really wanted to make one. They make me think of spring, especially the ones that look like flowers. I love tulips and red, so I made a red one with a tulip-like  pattern. 

The pattern I found at Crochet Plaisir.


Of all the stuff that ended up on my Wanted -list, this is what I actually bought:

Heart full of Hearts

More cross stitched hearts:

Only have to buy a frame for it, to make it look more finished :-) .
The pattern I found at Les Petits Bonheurs the Miss T via Craft Gossip.


For my oldest daughter, who loves everything pink and hearts, and for that alone thinks Valentine's Day is the best holiday, I made this T-shirt:

How I made it? Very simple:
* Bought a shirt
* Bought iron on velours
* Printed out the letters in a style and size I wanted on paper
* Applied the letters on the velours iron on with Scotch tape and cut the letters out  along the edges with a very sharp knife
* Ironed on the letters (check the directions that came with the velours on how to do this)
* That was all it took!

Hearts Pendant

Some weeks ago I crocheted two hearts for Valentine’s Day, but didn’t know what to do with them. By now I’m still not sure what to do with the hearts, what can you do with just two hearts after all, so I crocheted some more and made some wall decoration:

The pattern for the big heart in the middle I found at Bunny Mummy, the pattern for the upper heart I found at Felted Button, the other hearts I made up myself.

Wanted #52

WANTED Nice top!

Cross Stitch Valentine's Heart

After knitting the same sweater three times in a row, due to lack of yarn, I’ve had it with knitting for now, so I went back to cross stitch. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, it had to be a heart, of course.

I found this pattern at Brigitte Dadaux via Craft Gossip.

My second heart of this year. My first hearts were those two:

Ice Cone Application

A little craft you can make really fast: 

an ice cone application for a T-shirt or something. Just ten minutes of crochet and a few minutes to apply some little colored beads as sprinkles.  That's it!

Wanted #51

And another Great Green Dress!