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Block Blanket

  For one of my friends, who had a little baby girl all on her own, I made this soft baby blanket. It's actually a very simple pattern in which knit and purl stitches are alternated.   Yarn: Royal Rust by Zeeman ~*~ Smokey Kitty was featured by Pieced Pastimes ,  Creative Jewish Mom  and Moogly !!

Travels: Kootwijk, The Netherlands

  Last weekend we went for a short trip to the Veluwe, a region in The Netherlands where we normally go to in the summer, but especially my husband wanted to see something different than the walls of our own house after almost two years of working from home, so we decided to go in the winter.  Here's an impression of our trip.  We also brought our little friend James.  Because it was the weekend for Valentine's Day I made chocolate hearts for my daughter and made a charcuterie board. We hiked a short trail over the sand-drift near the village of Kootwijk.  Went for a lunch in Wychen And as is becoming a sort of family tradition: visited a castle. It was just a short weekend, but it was great to be in another environment. 

Smokey Kitty

  Found another lovely pattern on Etsy: Smokey Kitty by Lena Seibel I made the girl cat, but you can use the same pattern for a tomcat. Pattern: Smokey Kitty by Lena Seibel at leamigurumi ~*~ My market bag was featured by Creative Jewish Mom and The Cottage Market !

Market Bag

  One can never have too much bags for groceries and such, so I made myself a market bag.  Pattern: made up myself after an example Yarn: Paris Rust by Drops ~*~ My d ragon , lanket ├índ hat were featured by Creative Jewish Mom !  

Filled Chocolate Heart

  This weekend I will go for a weekend trip with my husband and daughters to the other side of the country (I live in The Netherlands and 'the other side of the country' is not even 200km away) and because it will be Valentine's Day this monday I made this chocolate hearts for my daughters.  I made the hearts by pouring melted chocolate in a mold, turning the mould until the chocolate was evenly divided over all sides. Then I put the heart in the fridgde and repeated the proces a couple of times after the chocolate was hardened, especially along the edges.  When the layer of chocolate was thick enough, I peeled the mould from the chocolate and cut away the surplus along the edges.  First I filled the heart with red and pink jelly beans and fixated a piece of cardboard wrapped in celophane to the heart by adding some molten chocolate on the edges of the heart, so it would stick to the celophane. After that I decorated the chocolate heart with sprinkles and little paper heart

Harry Wolf

 From the book Pica Pau and Friends I made the wolf this time. Was on my list for ages, because wolves are my favorite animals, but for some reason it never happened, until this week.  Pattern: Harry Wolf from Pica Pau and Friends by Yan Schinkel Yarn: various colors by Scheepjes and Katia ~*~ My Baby Blanket with Pompoms was featured by Pieced Pastimes ,  Shelbee on the Edge ,  Oombawka Design  and The Answer is Chocolate !