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Pony Sky

 Since about two months we have a little Horse Girl in the house. After my daughter visited a riding school with her friend a couple of times , we had to endure whining about riding lessons every day, so after a couple of weeks we surrendered: we went with her to the riding school to take a look.  Long story short: she has riding lessons every week now and we can see horse riding makes her very happy. But me, it makes me very nervous. In my work (I'm a scrub and circulating nurse) I never see the best side of horses. Of course I don't want to make my own fear interfere with her happiness, so I let her be the horse girl she wants to be anyway, so for Christmas it's all horse related presents under the tree.  I love to make at least one of the presents myself, and this time it had to be a horse. Of course. I hope she'll like it.          Pattern: Pony Sky by Leami Yarn: Chenille by Lammy Yarn   ~*~   Anderson Seal was featured by My Bijou Life this week!    

Oversized Cropped Sweater

 A couple of weeks ago I showed you an oversized cropped sweater that I made for my daughter. She was so happy with it, that she asked me to make another one. This one is in light brown.        Pattern: I made this pattern up myself.  For instructions see the first cropped sweater I made HERE  Yarn: Royal by Zeeman ~*~ Anderson Seal was featured by Annemaries Haakblog , Creative Jewish Mom and Doodle Buddies this week!  

A Hug in a Mug

 What's your favorite drink? Mine is coffee. Definitely coffee. Latte I love the most. The first one in the morning and the one after dinner are the best.  My recipe for the best latte:  * put one tablespoon of espresso powder in a mug * pour hot milk over it to the brim * sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon over it Feels like a hug in a mug So that's what I wrote on this mug, with golden letters: Coffee = a Hug in a Mug. With a little bottle of Monin Hazelnut Syrup and a jar of espresso powder wrapped up in transparent foil and decorated with some shiny curls, I think this is a perfect gift for X-mas.    

Anderson Seal

 Here's another one from Yan Schenkel's book Friends of Pica Pau II, named Anderson Seal. Lovely patterns that are very suitable as presents for babies or toddlers. This one I made for a collaegue, not so long ago.   Pattern: Anderson Seal from Friends of Pica Pau by Yan Schenkel Yarn: various colors by Panduro Yarn    ~*~   The Meu Mundo Mandala was featured by Creative Jewish Mom and My Bijou Life !    

Meu Mundo Mandala in White

 Some months ago I made a brown and beige mandala with a pattern of Meu Mundo Craft. The pattern was gorgeous, the yarn too, but somehow the combination of the two didn't turn out as expected. The colors didn't really match with my living room, although I only use natural materials in my whole house. After giving it some thought I decided to give the mandala away to someone who really liked it, because making it took too much time and effort to put it in the attic. Every now and then I thought about making a new one, but I don't really like to make the same thing twice. Especially not when time between both projects is short. But last week I bought a Monstera for my all white bedroom and thought something white on the wall would make it even better. Suddenly the mandala popped up in my mind, an all white one for my bedroom instead of one for the living room. Great idea, that gave me the inspiration to finish it in just one week. So it already hangs.     From another angle.

Smoothie Bowl

Yesterday my daughter showed me something she said she really needed to eat for breakfast the rest of her life (my daughter is a teen). I had to look at twenty or more You Tube videos, so I really understood what  she meant, but honestly, after seeing just one she had me convinced. It has fruit and it has dairy, there aren't many breakfasts that are much healthier than this. Today we made our first smoothie bowl for breakfast (but you can eat this any time of day).     What you need frozen fruit (I used a banana, blueberries and strawberries) milk (I used soya) decoration (fruit, chocolate chips. coconut chips, oatmeal, whatever you like)   What to do Fill the blender jar with the frozen fruits of your choice Add milk until one third of the jar is filled (it's important to put in the fruit before the milk; fill the jar one third with milk first and your smoothie will be way to liquid) Blend until the part above the knives is smooth, take of the jar and push the fruit that isn&#