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Golden Hearts

Great way to embellish a one color shirt: make elbow patches with textile paint! I found this idea at Put A Bird On It ~*~ We had great weather this weekend and went out for lunch in the countryside, so I could take some really nice spring pictures.


Since we have really, really nice weather around here (in The Netherlands), it feels like spring is already here. We have a blackboard on our kitchen door and every now and then I feel like drawing something nice on it for my daughters and of course it  had to be something spring-y this time. To make it even more look like spring in our kitchen, I also crocheted a string of daisies. You can find the pattern for these puffy daisies (and a lot of other nice patterns) at Mamachee . ~*~ Last week my Cherry Blossom and this week my Key Lime Whoopie Cakes were featured by Busy Fingers, Busy Life ! Thanks, Barbara!

Wanted #13

Sun Glasses Frolic by Irregular Choice WANTED Sunny Glasses!

Everything for the Cat

Do you remember the Yarn Basket I made a while ago, to keep all the balls of yarn that were laying around the house in one place?  When I was busy making it, my cat already showed excessive interest in it, but after it was finished he made it his home and only came out of it for food or business he had to do around the house (fighting off other cats in our garden, that means). Long story short: again I had no basket for my yarn.    This is him, looking quite innocent, but this is a face he only has inside the house, when other cats can't see him. Yes, you noticed it right: my cat has a very short tail. Lost in a fight, after another cat bit him and the tail got inflamed and necrotic and had to be amputated.  Makes him even more The Tough Cat.  And although you might think he has learned his lesson, he still can't get enough of fighting and comes home with blood, scratches and bite wounds. No lesson learned at all. 'What is mine, is mine' is his motto

Crochet Stripey Skirt

For a  couple of months now I'm totally in the crochet mode. I'm busy with a larger project at the moment. Normally I get bored and quit when projects take longer than just a couple of days, but nowadays I always start a much smaller project beside the ongoing one,  that I can finish quickly. After  rounding up the smaller project I continue with the large thing and can decide on which project to start next in the meantime. This little skirt is a small project. Small and satisfying. Just crochet a couple of rows in colors you like, sew onto a wide piece of elastic, embellish as much (or as less) as you like and that's it. 

Wanted #12

Hot Rod Frida Top by Bernie Dexter WANTED Nice top!

Key Lime Whoopie Cakes

A couple of weeks ago my daughters had some days off and after going to a theme park for a day and going to a Kid's Movie Festival the second day, the third day we stayed at home and baked some whoopie cakes and ate them while watching television.  Sometimes I get a news letter from Martha Stewart in my email inbox and every now and then it's filled with great ideas! Like the  Key Lime Whoopie Cakes   we made that day.  I've been to Florida a couple of times and the best memories I have (foodwise, that is), are the ones of the Key Lime Pie and the Key Lime Milk Shake they serve at  Robert is Here  in Homestead (anyone here from Florida who knows Robert is Here?).  So I just hád to make the Martha Key Lime Whoopie Cakes.  If you ever happen to be in Homestead, don't forget to visit Robert is Here. And take a look behind the store to see the animals. Maybe the goat that's taking a ride on the back of a turtle is still there! source You can fin

Crochet & Cross Stitch Pillow

This pillow cover I wanted to make for a while and now that I saw this nice cross stitch pattern for the HOME letters, I thought the time was there! First I crocheted the cover in filet stitch. Then I crocheted a long, long chain in pink and used that to cross stitch the word HOME in the little holes in the filet pattern. The pattern for the letters I found here . ~*~ My Doily was featured this week by Busy Fingers, Busy Life ! Thanks, Barbara!!

Wanted #11

Raspberry Heart Shoes by Mel Shoes WANTED Love this shoes!

Paper Cherry Blossom.

A couple of weeks ago I painted cherry blossoms on two dull brown vases. A few days after that I saw this nice idea at Martha Stewarts' site: Paper Cherry Blossom . Matched perfect with my vases.  I bought a cherry blossom punch, pink vellum and green paillets and here is my own Cherry Blossom! ~ ~*~ This week my Rainbow Shawl was featured by Homewor k and by Busy Fingers, Busy Life !! Thank you very much, Carolyn and Barbara!!

What to wear with...

Image self knitted Head Scarf !  Coat - Hell Bunny (this year) Flamenco Shoes - Flamenco Specialty Shop  (not recently)

1940's Head Scarf

One of the blogs I follow is Sewing, Vintage, Knitting from Anthea who, just like me, likes vintage clothes and makes a lot of them herself.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a nice head scarf at Anthea's blog, that I really wanted to make. Another blog I follow is The Vintage Pattern Files , with lots of free patterns from all times. I did some searching on head scarfs and found a pattern that looked almost exactly like what I was searching for.  I didn't use the pattern, but it was just to get an idea of how to get started. Well, I started and this is how it turned out: Instead of knitting two loose ends I made an infinity scarf. ~*~ My Felt Letters as well as my Cherry Heart are featured by Creative Jewish Mom ! Thanks!!

Wanted #10

Fruit Wedges by Irregular Choice WANTED Happy Shoes!